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elements are placed in specific locations because of the way they look and act

2. Periods are ___elements_____ that run from ___left____ to _right______.

3. Elements in the same period have something in common.______________________.

4. Every element in the first period has __1______ shell for its _outershell______. Every element in

the second period has ______2____ for its _____outershell______. See the pattern?

5. Groups are ___elememts____ that run from __top____ to __bottom_______.

6. The elements of a group have the same number of _____electrons_______ in their ____outer_______


7. Every element in group one has ______1___ electron in its outer shell. Every element in

group two has _______2____ electrons in its outer shell.

8. Hydrogen is special because it can act like two groups, _____1_____ and ____7_____.

9. Hydrogen sometimes is __missing____________ an electron and sometimes it has an

________extra_____ electron.

10.Although helium has only ___2_______ electrons in its outer shell, it is grouped with

elements that have ________8________.

11. The green elements on this table are called _____nonmetals_______ elements. They each have two electrons in their outer shell.


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