Olympic Lottery Distribution Fund Account 2010-11 Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2011

Disclosure of Relevant Audit Information

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Disclosure of Relevant Audit Information
As far as the Accounting Officer is aware there is no relevant audit information of which the fund’s auditors are unaware, and the Accounting Officer has taken all the steps that he ought to have taken to make himself aware of any relevant audit information and to establish that the fund’s auditors are aware of that information.
Reporting of personal data related incidents
In the Cabinet Office’s Interim Progress Report on Data Handling Procedures, published on 17 December 2007, Official Report, column 98WS, the Government made a commitment that departments will cover information risk management in their annual reporting:
“Government should commit to enhanced transparency with Parliament and the public about action to safeguard information and the results of that action. Departments should cover information assurance issues in their annual reports.”
As the OLDF is managed and operated within DCMS then full disclosure can be found set out in Table 2 on page 49 of the DCMS Annual Report and Accounts. The DCMS Annual Report and Accounts is available on the DCMS website at http://www.culture.gov.uk.
Protected personal data is defined as data that meets the definition of the minimum scope of protected personal data or data that departments consider should receive a similar level of protection because it would put those affected at significant risk of harm or distress.
Incidents, the disclosure of which would in itself create an unacceptable risk of harm, may be excluded in accordance with the exemptions contained in the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or may be subject to the limitations of other UK information legislation

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