Old Kitchen Demo

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Old Kitchen Demo
Remove appliances-Done
Remove/Dispose of counters and cabinets-Done
Remove pony wall and cap plumbing/remove excess wiring-Done
Remove back-splash tile and thin-set stuck to drywall-Done
Remove floor tile and thin-set and floor prep-Done

New Kitchen Install and Repair
Install floor and cover to keep it from getting damaged-Done

  • Perimeter wall-Done (Coffee maker location. Install will be done after countertops)

  • Pantry next to garage door-Done

  • Island cabinetry-Done

-Extend drain/vent for new sink-Done
-Extend hot/cold water supply for sink-Done (Need ¼ turn valves and 2nd hot water supply for dishwasher installed)
-Box in and cover exposed plumbing and electrical behind the island-Done
-Install (2) outlets under island counter and (1) outlet under sink for dishwasher and garbage disposal (I will be putting in a remote air switch for the garbage disposal we do not need to wire in a split outlet and switch)-Done

Sink-install will be under island counter top
Garbage disposal-need sink installed first. Also need disposal adapter for sink.
Faucet-need faucet/install will be after countertop is installed.
Oven range- (test fit complete) I will install when wall prep and back splash are done.
Ventilation Hood-Enlarge hole in wall to 8”, add pigtail plug to unit. Install after backsplash and wall (build stand?)
Coffee maker-Return/Cancel order
Dishwasher-Installed (need to connect when under sink plumbing and power are ready)
Refrigerator and wine cooler-Both are moved into place. Electrical outlets relocated to
recommended location/current water supply will work, PEX tubing installed. Condensation heater is wired in. Anti-tip hardware installed. Waiting for freezer drawer panels/on back order than final adjustments can be made.

Countertops and Backsplash
Prep wall-drywall/patch and paint (patch drywall from stud to stud so there are no springboard/future cracking)-Done
Pick out and purchase stone-Done
Sides panels on island-once fabricated install with spacers and cutout for outlet.
Marble-fabrication and installion in process.
Single light above old sink wired in to main group.
Download 16.39 Kb.

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