Oka Crisis Questions What were the main causes of the Oka crisis?

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Oka Crisis Questions


1. What were the main causes of the Oka crisis?

 2. Who were the major individuals involved in it?

 3. What were the main events of the crisis during the summer of 1990?

 4. How was the crisis eventually ended?

 5. What was the impact of the crisis on relations between First Nations peoples and governments in Canada?

 6. What were the main reasons for the First Nations peoples’ resentment against the government in Oka in 1990?

 7. How did the Mohawks dramatize their anger and grievances against the government in the actions they took during the summer of 1990?

 8. Why were the Aboriginal people of Oka were right to be so angry with the government?

 9. How can nations or cultural groups effectively have their pleas for human rights heard? Brainstorm effective methods of negotiating. Use examples if you know any.



Tell what role each of the following played in the Oka crisis:


  Jean Ouellette, mayor of Oka

  Ellen Gabriel, spokesperson for the Kanesatake Mohawks

  John Ciaccia, Quebec native affairs minister

  Tom Siddon, federal Indian affairs minister

  Ronald Cross (“Lasagna”), Mohawk warrior




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