Ohio Northern Political Cartoon Lesson Plan 8 th

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Ohio Northern Political Cartoon Lesson Plan 8th Grade SS

  1. Standards Indicated-

  1. Grade Levels Identified- 8th grade level (adaptations for 5th)

  1. Purpose, Background, and Context- This is an introductory lesson that focuses on the importance of the use of propaganda by the colonials in regard to creating a negative public perception of England during the American Revolution.

  1. Goals, Objectives, Student Outcomes, Performance Expectations-

    1. Students will analyze a political cartoon (Paul Revere’s Bloody Massacre) depicting the Boston Massacre.

    2. Students will analyze four other primary source documents, which discuss the events of the Boston Massacre. These primary sources provide various different perspectives on the events that occurred during the Boston Massacre.

    3. Students will compare and contrast these sources in an attempt to detect bias and demonstrate the construction of knowledge in relation to the different accounts of the Boston Massacre.

    4. Students will analyze the motive of Paul Revere in creating his “Bloody Massacre” color prints.

    5. Students will then create their own color print, which demonstrates their knowledge of the events they believed transpired at the Boston Massacre. (Essentially create their own accurate depiction of the Boston Massacre.)

  1. Materials-

    1. Paul Revere’s “Bloody Massacre” cartoon or print

    2. Multiple Perspectives Primary Source Activity

    3. Cartoon Analysis Worksheet (some version)

    4. Graphic organizer to summarize primary source activity depictions.

    5. Materials to create their own political cartoon.

  1. Procedures- 3 DAYS 40 MIN. LESSON

    1. Place image on smartboard in front of the room.

    2. Divide students into groups of 4 or 5 and give each student a copy of the image and the analysis worksheet and questions.

    3. Groups complete the questions together.

    4. Whole group discussion follows and instructor creates a master organizer beside the image on the dry erase board. END DAY ONE LESSON

    5. Divide students back into their groups and distribute copies of “Multiple Perspectives Primary Source Activity”

    6. Student groups complete graphic organizer and answer questions.

    7. Whole group discussion follows and instructor creates a master organizer using the smartboard or dry erase board. END DAY TWO LESSON

    8. Review the two master organizers created from the previous two days.

    9. Distribute political cartoon materials.

    10. Students will create a political cartoon or the Boston Massacre that represents their view of what actually took place.

    11. Students will complete a brief summary on the back of the cartoon, which explains their illustration and reasoning behind it.


  1. Assessment of Outcomes-

    1. Graphic organizers

    2. Multiple Perspectives packet

    3. Cartoon prints

    4. Cartoon explanation

  1. Extensions and Adaptations-

    1. Student groups could create a skit based on the actual events or factual events of the Boston Massacre.

    2. The rest of the class would vote on what side the skit was representing and provide support for their reasoning in the vote.

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