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Addendum to the Course Syllabus

SPRING, 2020



Dr. Yasmin Lugo

PSY 2861






Wednesdays 11:30-12:00 pm

Zoom – Link located on Canvas

SPRING, 2020


As we transition to an online class, these are a couple of changes that I would like to incorporate in our class’s Syllabus:

  1. Internet Communication: Netiquette:

The term "netiquette" refers to the awareness of the need for a certain code of behavior (etiquette) in electronic environments (the net) ... Net + Etiquette = netiquette.

In order to maintain a positive online environment for our class, we all need to follow the netiquette guidelines summarized below:

All students are expected to:

  • Show respect for the instructor and for other students in the class.

  • Respect the privacy of other students.

  • Express differences of opinion in a polite and rational way.

  • Maintain an environment of constructive criticism when commenting on the work of other students.

The following list summarizes the kind of behavior that is not acceptable. Each item listed below is grounds for removal from the class.

Students should not:

  1. Show disrespect for the instructor or for other students in the class.

  2. Send messages or comments that are threatening, harassing, or offensive.

  3. Use inappropriate or offensive language.

  4. Convey a hostile or confrontational tone when communicating with other students.


If I feel that a student is violating any of the above guidelines, I will contact that student to discuss the situation in person or via telephone. If you feel that a student is behaving inappropriately, please send me a private e-mail message explaining the situation as soon as possible.

Most netiquette is simple common sense. If you are engaging electronic environments as a member of this class, then you are subject to the same expectations and rules of conduct any teacher or administrator might expect of you in a face-to-face (f2f) environment. Additionally, whether or not you are entering an electronic environment as a member of the class, if you are doing so via a Canvas or Atlas account, you are legally responsible to the Valencia's policies and expectations.

Please see for details on rules of netiquette.

  1. Withdrawals

“The withdrawal process has been suspended and students should contact their advisor or to talk with an advisor about a course retake option instead.”

  1. Library Services:

Librarians will be working remotely for the rest of the semester. Ask a Librarian ( during our normal operating hours

  1. Students with disabilities – If you need an specific accommodation during this online transition, please let me know and I will do my best to work with Valencia and help with your accommodations. The staff of OSD can meet with you remotely.

  1. Internet Resources: Spectrum announced that they are offering to waive fees for Wi-Fi for college students. Call 844-488-8395 to get set up.


  • Course Requirements and Grading

Your final grade is determined by the percentage of the 400 total points that you earn as follow:

  • Two test (2) tests and a Final Research Project (300 points): Each test will have 50 multiple-choice questions worth 100 points.

    1. The Final examination is going to be a multiple-choice test (80 points) with two experiences (20 points-10 each). If you have done more than two experiences, feel free to submit those and those will count as bonus points. You will be able to choose the two experiences from the list of 20. If you are done with your final project, you will be exempt from the final multiple-choice test.

  • Oral Presentation (50 points): As we are not going to meet face to face, students that have their presentation during the next couple weeks, will need to submit a power point presentation of their topic. The professor will share their presentation with other students.

  • Research (50 points): The student will research two articles from a scientific journal and explain the research and their own point of view of the assigned topic. The rubric and more information about the specific details and requirements of this project is available on Canvas.

The following Grading Scale will be used in this course:

A = 90 to 100% B = 80 to 89%

C = 70 to 79% D = 60 to 69%

F = 59 or less

Course Schedule



March 30, 2020

Chapter 9: Wisdom and Courage: Characteristics of the Wise and the Brave

April 1, 2020

Chapter 10: Mindfulness, Flow, and Spirituality. In Search of Optimal Experiences

Oral Presentations

April 6 2020

Chapter 11: Empathy and Egotism: Portals to Altruism, Gratitude and Forgiveness

Oral Presentations

ONLINE Due date: April 12, 2020

Test #2: Chapter 6 - 11

April 13-15, 2020

Chapter 12: Attachment, Love, and Flourishing Relationships

Week April 13-15, 2020

Chapter 13: Balanced Conceptualizations of Mental Health and Behavior

April 22, 2020

Final test: Multiple choice test (80 points) in addition to the submission of two experiences of your choice (20 points). You are able to submit more than two for bonus points.

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