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The Norton Shakespeare, 2nd Edition. Ed. Stephen Greenblatt, Walter Cohen, Jean E. Howard, and Katharine Eisaman Maus.

A Coursepack.
Course Requirements

Short Responses. You are required to write three short critical responses (250-300 words each) throughout the course of the semester. You must submit your responses to me via email. You may submit the three responses at any time; however, you may not submit more than one response in a given week. The topic of each response is up to you – you might choose to discuss a passage in one of the plays that you find interesting, troubling, confusing, or bizarre; you might also respond to one or more of the assigned critical essays. The responses are worth five points each.

Midterm Paper. The midterm paper, due on Wednesday, February 15, will be a 5-page close reading of a text of your choice.

Midterm Exam. The midterm exam will be held on Monday, February 27. More details will be provided later in the term.

Final Paper. The final paper, 8 to 10 pages in length, will require you to produce an original analysis of one or more of the plays and to supplement your analysis with independent research.

Final Exam. More details about the final exam will be provided later in the term.

Commonplace-book. While I do not require it, I strongly recommend that you maintain a commonplace-book, a handwritten or electronic compilation of early modern terms and definitions for your own reference. Your commonplace-book might also contain passages you find interesting, as well as notes and insights about the plays and readings.

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