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PROPOSAL (15 pts):

A 4-5 page proposal for the final research paper. This proposal must include:

A) the rationale behind the research question and a working thesis

B) a description of the films you will analyze to support your thesis. You do not need to provide textual analysis of the films, but you should point to the important relationships between them.

C)a list of at least five sources and a sentence or two about how you will use them (at least three of which should be academic/critical sources). Each source I recommend using the Ask A Librarian service or consulting the Film and Media Studies subject librarian to help you locate and assess the nature of your sources.
Please pay close attention to the requirements of the final paper (outlined below) as you develop your proposal and compile your sources.
I will assess the clarity of your proposal (conceptually and mechanically) and offer suggestions for how to proceed with the final paper.

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