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Participation (25 Points)

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Participation (25 Points):

You are expected to have completed all of the components in the Learning Tasks on the day listed and to be prepared to discuss all aspects of the material in a coherent manner. Participation in class discussions on the class eboard will be factored into your grade.

This course is 15 weeks long. There is 1 Lesson per week-each of which requires a minimum of 2 posts. Your first post should address one of the prompts/thought questions posted on the eboard. The second should address a post made by one of your classmates addressing another one of the prompts/thought questions. You must always post in the thread for at least two prompts/thought questions to receive full credit. All Lessons are assigned for Tuesdays this semester and all posts must be completed by noon that Saturday (AZ Time).

For Example: Lesson 1 is assigned for Tuesday, August 28

It would be advisable to make your first post by Thursday, August 30 and your second, responding to the post of one of your classmates on a different prompt, by noon on Saturday, September 1.

Finally, your two posts per lesson must be substantive. A "substantive" post is thoughtful, developed and connected to the lesson topic; it is precisely, concisely, and grammatically composed. Typically, substantive posts are more than three sentences long. Posts must keep up with the progress of the course. You cannot, for example, go back to the eBoard and post to a Lesson after it has been completed and expect for the posts to be counted toward your participation grade. You will not be able to pass the tests if you do not keep on the assigned schedule of readings and screenings for the class.

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