Of Mice and Men’ By John Steinbeck Revision Booklet

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and then Part (b)
(b) How do other characters treat Candy in the novel and what does this show you

about the society in which he lives?

Foundation Support Ideas:
In Part (b) write about:

 what the other characters say and do to Candy

 what society was like at this time. (30 marks)

January 2012 – Exam Questions:

Question 21)
Read the following passage and then answer part (a) and part (b).
Both men glanced up, for the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off. A girl

was standing there looking in. She had full, rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes,

heavily made up. Her fingernails were red. Her hair hung in little rolled clusters, like

sausages. She wore a cotton house dress and red mules, on the insteps of which

were little bouquets of red ostrich feathers. ‘I’m lookin’ for Curley,’ she said. Her voice

had a nasal, brittle quality.

George looked away from her and then back. ‘He was in here a minute ago, but he


‘Oh!’ She put her hands behind her back and leaned against the door frame so that

her body was thrown forward. ‘You’re the new fellas that just come, ain’t ya?’


Lennie’s eyes moved down over her body, and though she did not seem to be looking

at Lennie she bridled a little. She looked at her fingernails. ‘Sometimes Curley’s in

here’, she explained.

George said brusquely, ‘Well he ain’t now.’

‘If he ain’t, I guess I better look some place else,’ she said playfully.

Lennie watched her, fascinated. George said, ‘If I see him, I’ll pass the word you was

looking for him.’

She smiled archly and twitched her body. ‘Nobody can’t blame a person for lookin’,’

she said. There were footsteps behind her, going by. She turned her head.

‘Hi, Slim,’ she said.
Part (a)
What do you learn about Curley’s wife from the details in the passage?
and then Part (b)
How do other characters treat Curley’s wife in the novel? What does this tell you about attitudes towards women in the society in which she lives?
Foundation Support Ideas:
In part (b) write about:

 what the other characters say and do to Curley’s wife

 the methods Steinbeck uses to show attitudes towards women. (30 marks)

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