Oedipus Rex Story Translation Lines 1-5

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Jenney Latin Stories by Sarah Roach Chapter XXXIX Oedipus Rex Story Translation

Lines 1-5:

Once there was a king of Thebes who married (“who led into matrimony”)

a most beautiful woman named Jocasta (“Jocasta with respect to name”). The name of the king (“the name to the king”) was Laius, and for many years Laius and Jocasta were very happy. One day Apollo, god of truth, warned Laius that his (own) son would kill him.
Lines 6-13:

A few years later (“later by a few years”), Jocasta bore a son, but Laius believed that his life was in great danger because of Apollo’s words. For which reason, Laius decided to bind the feet of his son and to leave him/this one/this boy on the top of a mountain. He hoped that his son would die quickly. Laius was no longer afraid. He thought that he understood the future better than the god. Laius himself was going to die, and he did not know that the words of Apollo were going to prove (to be) true.

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