Odin The Allmighty God

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Odin - The Allmighty God

Odin decided over both Gods and humans. To his help he had many animals. His horse was named Sleipner, it had eight legs and could easily run in the sky. His pig was Särimner, it was boiled and was eaten every night but in the morning it was alive again. Odin never ate of the food that was served, he gave it to his two wolves, Gere and Freke. Odin only drank wine, that was enough for both food and drink to him. Odin also had two ravens that was called Hugin and Munin, they flew every night out into the world and found out all new things that had happend. Later they sat on Odins shoulders and told him the news, that´s why he was the visest and allknowing of the Gods.

Thor - The ruler of the weather Thor

Odins eldest son was Thor, he had red powerful hair, and was a very strong man, Thor was married to Siv and lived with his family in the castle Bilskirner that had 540 rooms. Thor was the god of thunder and ruled over the worlds weather. In his carriage that was pulled by two goats (thanks Zoya :) he went over the sky and hit his hammer Mjölner so there could be terrible thunderstorms. The hammer always returned to Thor´s hand after he have thrown it. With his hammer he killed many Giants, he also had a belt of strength that made him twice as strong when he had it on him. If Thor was hungry and didn´t have anything to eat he could eat his goats, if he saved the skin and bones, he only had to lift his hammer over them and the goats were alive again.

Loke - The Untrustworthy GodLoke

Loke was son to a Giant and was supposed to live in the land of the Giants, Jotunheim. But when he was young he mixed blood with Odin and was allowed to stay in Asgard to eternity. Loke was beautiful and very smart, but very unreliable. It was often Loke´s fault that the Gods encountered trouble.

Frey - The God of weather and fertility

God of weather and fertility. He ruled over the land of the light elves, Alfheim. He was the son of Njord and Njord's sister, and the brother of Freya. His step-mother was Skadi. To make peace, the Aesir and Vanir exchanged hostages. He, along with Njord and Freya, were sent by the Vanir to dwell with the Aesir. He owned the ship Skidbladner which was made for him by dwarves. It could sail on the land, sea, or through the air. It was large enough to hold all the gods, yet could be folded up and fit into a pocket. He also owned a chariot drawn by two boars, Gullinbursti and Slidrugtanni. He could ride Gullinbursti through the sky. It was made by dwarfs for Loki to give to Frey. His name means "Lord" and it is thought that he was at one time the consort of his sister Freya. His wife was Gerd, a beautiful giantess who he fell in love with when he espied her from Odin's throne. He sent his servant, Skirnir, to win her for him. For this task, Frey lent Skirnir his sword which "swings itself if wise he who wields it" and his horse. After Skirnir's threatening of her, Gerd agreed to give herself to Frey in nine nights at the forest Barri. At the Ragnarok, Frey will be killed by the fire giant Surt.

Freya - The Godess of fertility

Goddess of sex, fertility, war, and wealth. Originally one of the Vanir. She was the daughter of Njord, and the sister of Frey. Her daughters, by Od, are named Hnoss, who is so beautiful that whatever is valuable and lovely is named "treasure" after her, and Gersemi. She lived in Folkvang [battlefield] and each day chose half of the slain warriors to split with Odin. She had a husband named Od, whom she somehow lost and cried golden tears for. Many believe Od is Odin. Her chariot was drawn by male cats (their names are never stated) and she owned the precious Brisings' necklace, which she slept with four dwarves to acquire. She also owned a feather coat which she could use to fly between the worlds. After she went to live with the Aesir as a hostage, she taught them -- including Odin -- seidr. Friday is named after her.

Heimdall - The guard of Bifrost

Watches the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, for the coming of the frost giants at the Ragnarok, at which time he will sound his horn Gjallar. In the Ragnarok, he and Loki will kill each other. He never sleeps, can see in the dark, and can hear sheep wool growing. His dwelling place is Himinbjorg [heavenly mountains]. Nine sisters, signifying the waves, gave birth to him. As Rig, he begets Thrall, Carl, and Earl, representing the three classes of man; slave, freeman, and noble.

Idun - The Godess of youth

Goddess of youth, her name means "The Rejuvenating One". She is married to Brage and is the keeper of the apples which keep the gods eternally young.

Njord - The God of wind and sea

God of the wind and sea, father of Frey and Freya. He is a member of the vanir and his home is Noatun. His wife was the giantess Skadi. As compensation for the death of her father Thjatsi, the gods decided to let her pick a husband from among them -- one catch, she had to pick her new husband based only on the appearance of his feet. She picked Njord by mistake, assuming his feet belonged to Balder. Njord and Skadi could not agree on where to live. She didn't like his home, and he didn't like her's, so they split up. She was associated with skiing and hunting.

Tyr - The god of war

God of war. He was the only god brave enough to put his hand in theFenriswolf's mouth so the gods could bind it. The wolf bit off his right hand. There is much debate about his lefthandness. In the norse culture the right hand was given for a pledge, which could be why the right hand was placed in the wolf's mouth. It has also been noted, however, that the offering of the right hand is to show that it is free of weapons. A left handed person was sometimes considered evil because he could use a weapon with his left hand even though he shook with his right hand. Tuesday is named after Tyr.

Balder - The God of light

One of the Aesir, his name means "The Glorious". He was also called the "god of tears" and the "white as". Balder, the son of Odin and Frigg, was described as a very handsome and wise god. Some consider him to be a god of light since he was so bright, light shined from him. Balder's wife was Nanna and they had a son named Forseti. Balder and Nanna lived in Breidablik [The Broad-Gleaming], where nothing unclean could be and there were "fewest baneful runes". Breidablik had a silver roof on golden pillars. At one point Balder had a foreboding dream. Odin rode to Hel's realm to wake a volva from the dead to find out the meaning of Balder's dream. She foretold Balder's death by Hod (Hodur), his fraternal twin. Frigg asked all things to swear not to hurt Balder but didn't ask the mistletoe because it was so young. Loki, diguised as an old woman, visited Frigg and found out Balder was invunerable to everything but mistletoe.

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