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Professor's Syllabus
Professor's Name: Prof. Lynn Kraemer-Siracusa

Course Title and Number: English 255 World Literature I

Semester: Spring 2011

Section 01: Monday/Thursday 12:30-1:45

Russell 230
Office Location: Russell Bldg, Room 220

Phone Number: (732) 255-0400 X2194
E-Mail Address: lkraemer-siracusa@ocean.edu
Office Hours: Monday/Thursday10:55-12:25

Tuesday/Friday 11:00-12:00
Other Meeting Times: To arrange a meeting with your instructor in addition to the regularly scheduled office hours, please contact your instructor directly or contact the Department of English (Phone: 732-255-0375).

Catalog Description:

Reading and discussion of some of the great works of world literature, specifically those not likely to be covered in courses on American, British, and contemporary literature. ENGL 255 considers literature of the ancient, medieval, and Renaissance periods. This course satisfies the Liberal Arts Diversity Requirement. Prerequisite: ENGL 151.

Required Text and other Materials:

The Norton Anthology of World Literature, vol. A-C

Notebook (for class notes & in class assignments) – if spiral, the pages must be perforated

Recommended text: Hacker, Diane. Rules for Writers. 6th ed. NY: Bedford/St. Martin’s. 2008.

Course Learning Outcomes/Objectives:

Students will achieve the following course learning objectives:

  • Develop literary skills of reading, composition, and interpretation, with attention to genre and critical methodology

  • Cultivate the pleasures of intellectual contemplation through encountering great ideas

  • Develop awareness of the historical evolution of human cultures and ideas, as great writers have chronicled these trends

  • Move beyond provincial thinking to understand that experience with varied cultures and artistic forms can enhance

the appreciation of one’s native heritage

General Education Goals Addressed in the Course:

  • Goal 2 —To develop the ability to communicate effectively through reading, listening, speaking and writing

  • Goal 6 —To develop an understanding of the aesthetic and intellectual experience of literature and the arts and appreciate creative expression

  • Goal 8 —To develop an understanding and appreciation of diversity among cultures, including respect for various ways of viewing the world

Course Standards:

If you do not hand in an assignment or if you miss a quiz, the grade will be a zero. Late paragraphs and essays will receive reduced credit, 1/3 of a letter grade will be deducted for each class that passes without submission.
Homework MUST be typed.
Email: Class-related announcements, notes, and other materials will be sent to students’ Ocean County College e-mail addresses. Students are responsible for checking their college e-mail accounts.

Class participation: Class participation includes, but is not limited to, individual participation, peer reviews, group work, reading, presentations, and attending conferences.

Withdrawal from course: It is the students’ responsibility to be aware of the college’s withdrawal deadline. I can not issue a “W” grade if a student doesn’t withdraw by the deadline.
Professor’s Suggestions:

  1. Students may further develop their writing skills by voluntarily attending tutoring sessions (in R-124) Some students may be asked by the instructor to attend tutoring sessions based on individual needs and demonstration of progress toward fulfilling course objectives. Students who seek tutoring, especially early in the semester, are more likely to improve their writing assignments and course grades.

  2. Please use Ocean Cruiser as a resource for finding classmates’ names and email addresses. This is a great way for students to obtain missed information or to clarify assignments. Use this as your main means of gaining basic information. While I am happy to assist with clarifying assignments, other students will have most of the information that you may need.

  3. Stay current with all of the class work.

  4. If you are in academic trouble or frustrated with the assignment, the class, or me, contact me to address the problem as soon as it occurs. Do not wait until the prospect of success erodes.

  5. Course outline is subject to change; please do not read too far ahead. Specific details for each assignment will be provided as each is


Attendance Policy:

Although students are allowed to miss 10% (3) of their classes without penalty, they are responsible for completing missed work. Students exceeding the 10% absentee rate may receive grade penalties, and those exceeding 5 absences may be withdrawn from class.
Absence is not an excuse for late or missed work. All assignments are due on the date specified (regardless of attendance).

Evaluation of student:

Two Tests 100 points each = 200 points

Research Paper 100 points = 100 points

Paper Proposal 100 points = 100 points

Five Quizzes 100 points each = 500 points

Typed Homework 100 points each = 200 points

1100 points

Grading scale:

A = 990-1100 B += 946-989 B = 880-945 C+ = 836-879 C = 770-835 D = 660-769 F = 0-659

Statement of Plagiarism:

Plagiarism is the use of another writer’s words or ideas without disclosure of the source. All essays and papers submitted by students for credit in English courses at Ocean County College must make honest and full disclosure of any sources used, including but not limited to, books, print articles, films and other media, the Internet, and professional or non-professional co-writers. Failure to make full disclosure of sources will subject students to penalties prescribed by Plagiarism Policy #5180. Students should refer to the Student Handbook and review this policy.
Academic integrity is essential to passing this class. Students who lend their work to others to submit as their own, fabricate information, or pass off as their own work the words and ideas of another will fail the assignment (first offence). Be sure to use quotation marks when using the words of others and proper references when borrowing ideas and findings. Repeated dishonest practices (for example, plagiarizing the work of others, using “cheat sheets” or text messaging, or trying to see a neighbor’s work during a test) will be cause for dismissal from the class.

Statement about Civility:

Ocean County College defines civility primarily as the demonstration of respect for others, basic courtesy, reciprocity (treating others as we wish to be treated), and behaviors that create a positive environment in which to learn and to work.

The Trustees of the College and the College Administration set the tone for civil behavior through their professional conduct and through their leadership of the institution. All members of the college community create a positive environment characterized by considerate and principled conduct.

While no civility statement can guarantee considerate and principled conduct, the values set forth herewith represent institutional ideals and should serve as guide posts. Please review the policy online at http://www.ocean.edu/studentlife/Handbook/AdministrativeInformationAndPolicies.htm

Campus resources and services:

Tutoring is available (a) in the Writing Lab (Russell 124; 732-255-0400 x2262) for writing in all subject areas, not just English courses, and (b) in the Mathematics Tutoring Center. The Library has special instructional sessions that will help you make full use of their resources. Be sure to seek out the help of the Reference Librarian if you are having difficulty finding references or getting started on a research project. In addition, Student Success Seminars are scheduled each week and are posted on the college website under “Campus Resources and Services.” Even the best students will benefit from these seminars. More information on college services can be found by using the A-Z index on the college website, for example, under “T” for Tutoring or under “S” for Study Strategy Sessions.

Statement of Accommodation:

If there is any student in this class who has special needs because of learning disabilities or other kinds of disabilities, please feel free to come and discuss this with me or a staff member in the Center for Academic Excellence (732-255-0456).


Individual faculty members may make reasonable changes to this course outline exclusive of course requirements, course calendar, and grading procedures.
All individuals should not assume that anything received, sent, or stored in this course or in any course is private. Students’ written work, assignments, and test results may be used anonymously for college assessment purposes. Course content, support materials, and communications (including chats, discussions, emails, and any other forms of communication) may be used for quality assurance purposes by authorized college administrators.
Important Notes

Ocean Cruiser is the official email communication for students at OCC (firstname_lastname@occ.mailcruiser.com)

Failure to pay for this course may result in your being dropped for non-payment.

Course Outline:

Week 1: Jan. 24

M: introductions, expectations

Write out a story you remember from your childhood (one which reflects who you are)

Th: Sample Readings/Questions

Read: “The Invention of Writing and the Earliest Literatures” (pages A 2-9) and

Ancient Egyptian Poetry, Akhenaten’s “Hymn to the Sun” and “The Leiden Hymns” (A 41-49)

“The Bible: The Old Testament” (pages A 52-56), Genesis 1-3 (A56-59), Genesis 6-9 (A 60-63) and

“Ancient Greece and the Formation of the Western Mind” (A 104-113)

Week 2: Jan. 31

M: Gods and Heroes: Ancient Egypt, Old Testament

Read: Homer (A 114-119) & The Odyssey Books I-III (A 225-258)

Do: Complete the quiz in Ocean Cruiser prior to coming to class on Thurs.

Th: Gods and Heroes: Epic proportions (quests, epic cycles)

Read: The Odyssey Books IV-VII (A 258-305)

Do: Fill out quest chart (due 2/24)

Week 3: Feb. 7

M: Gods and Heroes: The Odyssey

Read: The Odyssey Books VIII-XI (A305-363)

Th: Gods and Heroes: The Odyssey

Read: The Odyssey Books XI-XVI (A363-429)
Week 4: Feb. 14

M: Gods and Heroes: The Odyssey

Read: The Odyssey Books XVII-XX (A429-483)

Th: Gods and Heroes: The Odyssey

Read: The Odyssey Books XXI-XXIV (A483-530)

Week 5: Feb. 21

M: No class – Presidents’ Day

Th: Gods and Heroes: The Odyssey

Quest chart due

Read: “India’s Heroic Age” and The Ramayana (A 880-923)

Do: Research dharma and type up a definition. Be sure to explain the concept; don’t just copy a definition

Week 6: Feb. 28

M: Gods and Heroes: The Ramayana

Read: The Ramayana (A 923-953)

Do: Complete the quiz in Ocean Cruiser prior to class on Thurs.

Th: Gods and Heroes: The Ramayana

Week 7: Mar. 7

M: Gods and Heroes: The Ramayana

Do: Study for Test 1

Th: Test 1

Hwk: Bring Volume C to class on March 21*******

Spring Break – Monday, March 15 – Sunday, March 20

Week 8: Mar. 21

M: Gods and Heroes: selections from Florentine Codex and Cantares Mexicanos (Bring vol. C to class)

Read: Aristotle (A 799-803) and Aeschylus (A 533-582)

Do: Complete the quiz on Ocean Cruiser prior to class on Monday

Th: Writing About Literature; Completing the Proposal

Week 9: Mar. 28

M: Gods and Heroes: The Oresteia: Agamemnon

Th: Gods and Heroes: The Oresteia: Agamemnon

Read: T’ao Ch’ien (B 1358-1370

Do: Type paper proposal
Week 10: Apr. 4 (last day to withdraw from classes)

M: Private and Social Lives: T’ao Ch’ien

Proposal Due

Th: Private and Social Lives: T’ang Poets

Read: “The Formation of a Western Literature” (B 1620-1625) and the Medieval Lyrics (B 1783-1826)

Week 11: Apr. 11

M: Private and Social Lives: Medieval Lyrics

Read: “The Renaissance in Europe” (C 2464-2475) Petrarch (C 2476-2479), Sonnets (C 2485-2490) and

Shakespeare’s sonnets (handout)

Th: Private and Social Lives: Petrarch and Shakespeare

Read: Castiglione (C 2549-2564)

Do: Complete the quiz in Ocean Cruiser prior to class on Mon.

Week 12: Apr. 18

M: Private and Social Lives: Castiglione

Th: Private and Social Lives: Castiglione

Paper Due

Read: Shakespeare Hamlet Acts I & II (C2821-2866)

Week 13: Apr. 25

M: Private and Social Lives/Gods and Heroes: Hamlet

Read: Hamlet Acts III & IV (C 2866-2902)

Do: Complete the quiz in Ocean Cruiser prior to class on Thurs.

Th: Private and Social Lives/Gods and Heroes: Hamlet

Read: Hamlet Act V

Week 14: May 2

M: Private and Social Lives/Gods and Heroes: Hamlet
Th: Private and Social Lives/Gods and Heroes: Hamlet (adaptations)

Do: Study for Test 2
Week 15: May 9

M: Test 2

Th: Conferences
Week 16: May 16

M: Conferences

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