Objectives: Describe the various peoples who adapted to North American geography and formed societies Section 1

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Chapter 11 The Americas

Chapter Objectives:

1. Describe the various peoples who adapted to North American geography and formed societies
Section 1: The Peoples of North America
I. The Lands of the Americas

Americas stretch about 9,000 miles from the Arctic Ocean to Cape Horn

Landscapes vary: tundra, forests, river valleys, coastlines, tropical forests and deserts

Majors mountain ranges—Rocky Mts. In the U.S. and Andes Mts. In South America

Major rivers—Mississippi River in the U.S. and Amazon in South America
II. The First Americans

Moved across the Bering Strait – separates Asia and North America

The First Americans crossed it during the last ice age about 3,000 B.C.

Low sea levels created a land bridge

II. The First Americans

Hunter and food gatherers

Pursing the herds of bison and caribou
A. Arctic and Northeast: The Inuit

Inuit moved into North America from Asia

Live south of the Arctic in the tundra

Skilled at hunting seals, polar bears and whales and fishing

Live in houses of stone and turf

Igloos used only when traveling
III. The Peoples of North America

Varying climates and geographical features

Home to various peoples

  1. Eastern Woodlands: two groups

1. Mound Builders also called the Hopewell peoples

a. Lived in the Ohio River valley and along the Mississippi River

b. Built large elaborate mounds used for tombs and ceremonies

Prospered due to agriculture; grew corn, beans and squash

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