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Vietnam War


French Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh

Causes of Vietnam War

Geneva Accords


The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

U.S. Military

American War Effort

Tet Offensive


Consequences of War

Legislation passed because of Vietnam

26th Amendment

War Powers Act of 1973

Vietnam colonized by French in _______________________________

Imposed harsh taxes & limited political freedoms

No taxation without representation!

Wanted to ____________________________________________________

Vietnamese nationalist/patriot & leader


he organized the _________________ – the League for the Independence of Vietnam

during WWII, the __________________________________________  Japanese lose WWII  Vietnam becomes independent in 1945 (but French insist it’s still theirs)



  • if Vietnam fell to communism, who would be next


  • contain communism to this single country


  • communism would broaden to neighboring countries because they share common cultures

___________________________ – agreement to temporarily divide Vietnam in 2 parts (North & South)

North = communist; South = western culture (but not democratic)

Does this work???

________________________________________ (even though very unjust leader)


supported the National Liberation Front in South Vietnam

_______________________ – organization dedicated to end S. Vietnam’s leader (___________________) rule

Inevitably… CIVIL WAR!

President Kennedy sent more troops over to Vietnam to fight communism & Vietcong

_____________________________________  S. Vietnam got worse

U.S. ships reported ________________________________________ ___________________________________(on N. Vietnam coast)

___________________________________________________________ & increased U.S. involvement in Vietnam

the resolution gave President Johnson the authority to take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against U.S. forces

______________________________________ –air strikes to destroy war industries in N. Vietnam

the ______________________________________ (a network of paths that supplied the Vietcong with weapons)

goal: ________________________________________________________  war would end

dropped ________________________________ to burn the trail, which went through the jungle forest

tactic: More bombs, more napalm, more air raids


  • find enemy camps & demolish them


  • saw images of the war & casualties

  • changed people’s minds from pro war to anti-war

Martin Luther King Jr. = antiwar (focus on home problems)


Tet – Vietnamese New Year; __________________________________

__________________________________________________ & weakened public confidence in the government’s conduct of the war; however, more troops were sent

… we were losing the war

this event resulted in ________________________________________ to the war


U.S. would continue __________________________________________

Nixon threatened nuclear war, but it did nothing

N. Vietnamese determined to unite all of Vietnam

1 million N. Vietnamese soldiers dead

185,000 S Vietnamese soldiers dead

500,000 Vietnamese civilians dead

_______________________________________ (neighbors to Vietnam)

60,000 American soldiers dead

Led to _______________________________________________________

War Powers Act

26th amendment


lowered the federal ________________________________________

if you’re old enough to fight, you’re old enough to vote


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