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Obituaries, death notices, etc. - S

Surname Forename Date of Newspaper Address Notes

Sackville Nr. J. 27/01/1847 Henry Street of Lower Sackville Street

Sadleir Marion (née Griffin) 30/05/1860 Pan dau of the Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop of Limerick (Henry Griffin)

Sadler female (Mrs.) 29/08/1817 Wellmount, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Sadlier Richard 22/12/1903 Cork married to dau of Richard Russell of Plassey (see also, will,


Sadlier Richard 10/06/1939 Caherconlish death notice, buried at Abington Cemetery

Sadlier Richard 15/06/1940 Shannon Street acknowledgement

Saint Laurence female (Miss) 10/02/1827 Mary Street

Sale Lydia Rawlinson 14/06/1843 Southgate wife of the Rev. Thomas Sale

Salmon Sargent 30/09/1857 aged 27, active non-comissioned officer, report (inquest report


Sammon Michael 18/01/1941 Murgasty Cottage, Tipperary death notice, son of Patrick Sammon, buried at Mount St.

Laurence Cemetery (acknowledgement 01/02/1941)

Sampay female (Mrs.) 19/12/1835 Castle Barracks

Sampson Grace 08/07/1857 Robert Street, Limerick dau of late Thomas Sampson of Kildimo, Co. Clare

Sampson Thomas 01/02/1854 Brook Lodge son of Denis Sampson of St. Catherine's, co. Clare

Sams Henry S. 16/12/1924 7 Osmington Terrace offical at Army Clothing Factory; death notice (obituary,


Samuel John 28/06/1854 Adare infant son of Dr. Worall

Sanders Celia 23/12/1843 Clare Street widow of George Sanders

Sanders female (Mrs.) 21/02/1838 North Mall widow of Robert Stevally Sanders, barrister and dau of the late

Alderman Sir Christopher Knight of Limerick

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