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IV. KHADI*** (clear example of constructive program/vision implementation)

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IV. KHADI*** (clear example of constructive program/vision implementation)

Khadi connotes the beginning of economic freedom arid equality of all in the country. Khadi must be taken with all its implications. It means a wholesale Swadeshi mentality, a determination to find all the necessaries of life in India and that too through the labour and intellect of the villagers.

This needs a revolutionary change in the mentality and tastes of many. Khadi to me is the. symbol of unity of Indian humanity, of its economic freedom and equality. Moreover, khadi mentality means decentralization of the production and distribution of the 'necessaries of life’. Therefore, the formula so far evolved is, every village to produce all its necessaries and a certain percentage in addition for the requirements of the cities.
Heavy industries will need be centralized and nationalized. But they will occupy the least pans of the vast national activity which will mainly be in the villages.
Having explained the implications of khadi, I must indicate what Congressmen can and should do towards its promotion. Production of khadi includes cotton growing, picking, ginning, cleaning, carding, slivering, spinning [the famous spinning wheel: charkha], sizing, dyeing, preparing the warp and" the woof, weaving, and washing. These, with the exception of dyeing, are essential processes. Every one of them can be effectively handled in the villages and is being so handled in many villages throughout India.

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