Nvc and the Legacy of Gandhi Nonviolence –Ahimsa and Satyagraha – positive meaning, transcending any inner limitations to opening our hearts

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The term adivasi (for Bhils, Gonds, or others variously described as Hill Tribes or aboriginals) means literally original inhabitants. Service of adivasis is also a part of the constructive programme. Though they are the sixteenth number in this programme, they are not the least in point of importance. Our country is so vast and the races so varied that the best of us cannot know all there is to know of men and their condition. As one discovers this for oneself, one realizes how difficult it is to make good our claim: to be one nation, unless every unit has a living consciousness of being one with every other. The adivans are over two crores in all India. There are several such other workers in other parts of India and yet they are too few. Truly, "the harvest is rich but the labourers are few." Who can deny that all such service is not merely humanitarian but solidly national, and brings us nearer to true independence?

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