November. 23,2011 May. 26, 1972 salt I nuclear Treaty Signed

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Shelby Reilly



May.26, 1972 – SALT I Nuclear Treaty Signed

January 1973 – Final Withdrawal of US Troops

August 1974 – President Nixon Resigns

May 1977 – First Major Foreign policy address

June.18, 1979 - SALT II Nuclear Treaty Signed

December.24, 1979 – End of Détente

December 1979 – Soviet Union invaded and occupied Afghanistan

December 1979 – President withdrew SALT II from Senate consideration

December 1979 – Increase in US defense spending, The Cold War was back

The Cold War had many events during the 1970’s that made an impact; a major impact was in December 1979. The Soviet Union decided to invade and occupy Afghanistan, despite the SALT II treaty. The United States President saw this as a threat and took action.
When the Soviet Union invaded and occupied Afghanistan they had all intentions on causing harm to one particular person. The invasion sounded détentes final death knell. After the Soviet Union made this choice Carter phone Brezhnev on the hot line and informed him that the United States Government considered this action a clear threat to peace. This phone call changed how the United States Government saw the Soviet Union and it drastically changed their relationship. The prior relationship was civil and neither state had a problem with one another. Now the United States was concerned about peacekeeping, considering how drastic the Soviet Union acted. The President of the United States made a huge decision and withdrew SALT II nuclear treaty from the Senates consideration, as well put force on the economic sanctions in the Soviet Union. There was a very large increase for The United States defense spending, and took action to reinvigorate containment. Due to the Soviet Union’s choice to invade Afghanistan, it caused the United States to come at them with vengeance. The Cold War was back.
If I were the leader of the United States I would have done the exact same thing because simply, the actions taken by the United States were as a defense, despite the fact they withdrew the SALT II nuclear treaty. The Soviet Union should not have invaded Afghanistan especially without informing the United States. The reason they should have inform the United States is because they had both signed the SALT II treaty. I would easily come back with extra power if the Soviet Union did that while I was the leader. The United States President made the perfect decision that I support.
The major event of the 1970’s was taken place in December of 1979. The trigger was when the Soviet Union invaded and occupied Afghanistan, than when the President withdrew SALT II from the Senate’s consideration and finally leading up to the United States increasing defense spending and going in with revenge on their mind. The Cold War was back.

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