Notification of payment made to the University by Bank to Bank Transfer

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Made to the University by Bank to Bank Transfer

Please allow us 2-3 weeks to trace your payment once it has been transferred to our account.
When paying your tuition fees by Bank to Bank Transfer:
1) Set up the transaction with your bank to pay direct to the University’s bank account - remember to ask your bank to quote your University applicant number or student number (also known as GUID) and your full name. If you do not do this we may not be able to trace your payment.
2) AFTER YOU HAVE MADE YOUR PAYMENT you must complete ALL details in Sections 1 – 3 of the form below and promptly e-mail copy of the form to or fax to +44 (0) 141 626 1496.
All payments to the University must be made in POUNDS STERLING. You are required to meet ALL bank charges relating to the transfer.
All transfers must be made payable to: Account Name University of Glasgow Tuition Fee Income

Account Number 81656929, Bank Sort/Branch Code 40-22-47

IBAN Number GB35MIDL40224781656929, SWIFT code MIDLGB22

University Bank Contact Details: HSBC Bank

2 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 3LB, United Kingdom


Family Name:

Certificate of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) number

if known(Tier 4 International students only):

Other Name(s):


Date of Birth DD/MM/YY :

Name of course for which

you wish to pay:

Student Number (GUID)

or Applicant Number:

Your contact e-mail:

2. TYPE OF PAYMENT (what the payment is for, and how much you are paying):


Tuition deposit



3. BANK TO BANK TRANSFER (who made the payment, and when the payment was made – this transaction):

Date on which Bank Transfer was made DD/MM/YY:

Reference Number:

(Any reference number given to you by the bank for this transfer)


Amount Paid:

Bank Account Holder’s Name:

Bank Name:

Bank Account Holder’s Address:

Full Postal Address of Bank:

Name of Institution/Agent/Broker assisting application:

Bank Account Number:

Bank Swift Code/BIC Number:

IBAN Number:

If you are unable to do a bank to bank transfer and wish to submit your payment by cheque or bankers draft in £ Sterling please complete and post this form with your cheque/draft to:

Accounts Receivable

Finance Office (Tay House)

University of Glasgow

Glasgow, G12 8QQ

United Kingdom

Please make all cheques/bankers drafts payable to University of Glasgow. Please write your full name and your applicant number or student number (GUID) on the back of the cheque/bankers draft.

Return by e-mail to or fax to +44 (0) 141 626 1496

Registry 20/03/2015 The University of Glasgow, charity number SC004401

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