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12A107 (2-88)

Commonwealth of Kentucky

Department of Revenue

Under authority contained in KRS 131.500 et seq. and KRS 134.500(5) the property described below has been seized for nonpayment of Kentucky taxes due from John Ross, Highway 498, Beattyville, KY. The property will be sold in accordance with KRS 131.500 et seq. by public sale under sealed bids. Bids may be delivered to the Department of Revenue, Attn: Ross Bid, Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 5222, Frankfort, Kentucky 40602. Bids must be postmarked on or before October 7, 2007 to be considered. The bids will be opened at the office of Lee County Judge Executive Steve Mays, Beattyville, Kentucky on the date of the sale.

Date of Sale: October 11, 2007.

Time of Sale: 3:00 P.M. EDT

Title Offered: Only the right, title and interest of John Ross in and to the property will be offered for sale. If requested, the Department of Revenue will furnish information about possible encumbrances.

If real estate is being sold a Certificate of Sale will be issued to the successful bidder on the date of the sale. Pursuant to KRS 131.530(2), John Ross may redeem the property within 120 days of the sale by paying to the successful bidder the purchase price paid at the sale plus interest at the rate of 20% per annum from the date of the sale. If the property is not redeemed by John Ross within the 120-day redemption period, the Department of Revenue will issue a deed to the successful bidder.

Real property beginning on the Southeast of the John Ross and the Gilbert fence line marked by fence post, thence going west to the Tom Ross Sr. and Callie Ross and Persions and Gilbert corner 100”FT. (marked by big oak tree in corner). Thence going North on Persion and Tom Ross Sr. and Callie Ross fence line “203” feet. Thence going East on the Tom Ross Sr. and Callie Ross and Bush fence line running into the William (Bill) Jewell, and Christeen Jewell fence and marker “167” feet. Thence going Southeast following the William (Bill) Jewell, and Christien Jewell and Tom Ross Sr. and Callie Ross line “210”feet. Thence running back northeast to the John Ross marker, MARKED by STAKE, “78” feet. Thence running on the already John Ross line to the Gilbert and John Ross line running West “210” feet, containing 1 (one) ¼ (one forth acre of land.)
Being a part of the same property contained in the deed to Callie Ross, dated April 4, 1985, recorded in deed book 121, page 541, and by Callie Ross and Tom Ross Sr., her husband to the parties of the first part herin by deed, August 21, 1990, and recorded in deed book 136, page 269 and by Tom Ross Jr., to Callie Ross by deed dated August 21, 1990 to Callie Ross by deed dated July 10, 1990 recorded in deed book 136, page 104, all in Lee County Clerk Office.
Being the same property, for which John Ross derived title by deed from Callie Ross and Tom Ross Sr. dated August 16, 1994 and recorded in Deed Book 146, Page 267, Office of the Lee County Clerk. See Map No. MAP# 037-00-00-057.02 in the PVA’s office.
Payment Terms: Full payment required upon acceptance of highest bid.
Form of Payment: All payments must be in the form of cash, cashier’s check, certified check or money order. Make check or money order payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer.
Sheila Ashley September 17, 2007

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