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  1. Every Fleet 50 member has the obligation to assist the Race Committee in race management for one Thursday night racing in a given season. Although voluntary in the past, this is now mandatory. Sign up is now required during the registration process.

  2. Every Thursday, two members will be requested to assist the Race Committee. Duties. A ‘Summary of Expectations’ will be distributed to each participating boat, and can also be found on the website.

  3. The boat assisting Race Committee on a given week will be awarded Average Points for the applicable series (Spring, Summer, or Fall) minus 2, if the boat does not race. Weeks selected will be on a first come, first serve basis. Arrangements should be made with the Fleet Treasurer to schedule your participation. The Fleet Treasurer will maintain a schedule, and will participate in choosing a mutually agreeable week. The Fleet Treasurer will have the right to move assisting boat’s participation from one week to another to fill the season’s schedule.

  4. Those boats not making themselves available on a mutually agreeable date will be penalized. The penalty will be a DNE which is considered a DSQ that cannot be discarded.

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