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  1. See NOR 1.3


    1. The scoring system is as follows: Refer to “J/24 Fleet 50 – Revised Official Scoring System” and is modeled after the US Sailing Scoring System.

    2. A boat’s score for the series will be the sum of all her races minus those discarded. There will be one (1) throw out for every six (6) races scored. This modifies RRS A2.

    3. Average points for the applicable series will be scored for any boat that misses a race due to attendance at an away regatta. Please email Lee Buress at, in advance, so that he can advise the Race Committee. Failure to notify via e-mail prior to the warning signal of racing on the day missed will not be grounds for redress. This changes rule 62.1.

    4. The final Newport Regatta standings will count as 1 race (a change from previous years) in the Summer Series. Only Fleet 50 boats will be scored, and your placement will be determined based on your cumulative score for the regatta. Those not racing will be scored DNS.

    5. First place finishers will be scored with a “1” (a change from prior years)

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