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  1. This NOR and subsequent Sailing Instructions (SIs) pertain to races conducted on Thursday nights as part of Fleet 50’s normal sailing format. The SIs will be available on the Fleet 50 web site ( on or before May 1, 2014.

  2. Races scored as part of the Fleet 50 Series but conducted as part of the Newport Regatta will be governed by the NOR and SIs applicable for that regatta and will supersede any contradictory instruction contained herein. This changes RRS 63.7.

  1. VENUE

    1. The instructions and course options listed on the 2012-2014 South Bay Race Chart, Starts Southeast of Rose Island apply. This chart is available at Sail Newport’s main office.

    2. Races conducted as part of the Newport Regatta may be sailed in a different venue (See NOR 6.2).


    1. Courses selected from the Chart will be displayed on the Race Committee Boat.

    2. The Race Committee, at their discretion, may substitute an Orange Inflated Racing Mark in lieu of a mark selected from the Chart.

    3. If Code Flag “D” is displayed before or with the Warning Signal, a “special” course is designated. This course may include Orange Inflated Racing Marks, as well as marks from the Chart. All marks of the course, the side on which they are to be left, and the rounding order will be displayed in the same format as on the South Bay Race Chart from the Committee Boat.

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