Nothing we want in Darfur

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Lesson 56
Do Now: Think about this question…..We can solve the problem in Darfur (genocide) by drafting 50,000 men who may lose their lives…should we?
Nothing we want in Darfur
But why are we in Iraq and Afghanistan???? Oil

Motivation: Why did I ask this question….there is a genocide going on right now in Darfur but we are not doing anything about it….This is just like the Holocaust…Talk about Hitler’s rise to power and elicit from students (review) just how he rose to power…he was given power. Parallel conditions and economy in the US in the late 1930’s with that of Germany. Recognize that America too was in economic trouble at the time that Hitler took power. Also ask the students “what has been our “big question” with regards to the Holocaust and Hitler’s actions”…we have been asking…how could this have happened??? Now we understand that Hitler rose to power quite easily and he swayed people quite easily, yet not many did anything to stop him….discuss how the US has a reputation of being a country that helps others… and at times we haven’t (Darfur)… Iraq & Afghanistan (oil) knowing this, why didn’t America help those who suffered during the holocaust and why didn’t Americans try to stop Hitler? Elicit Aim.

Aim: Did The US know about the Holocaust and if so why didn’t we try to help?
5 main reasons why the US did not help stop the Holocaust….

  1. wide-spread anti-Semitism, (hatred of Jews)

  2. xenophobia, (fear of foreigners)

  3. isolationism, - after WWI we didn’t want anymore foreigners!

  4. a sustained economic depression.

  5. Refugee policy

The U.S.’s Role….

  1. Who was the President in the US when the Nazis seized power in Germany in January 1933,

    1. Roosevelt, was President for less than two weeks

  1. What was Roosevelt preoccupied with while the Nazis were in power in Germany?

    1. the Great Depression

    2. setting up his cabinet

  1. Why didn’t Roosevelt allow the Jews to come to the US?

    1. The 1924 U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) imposed severe restrictions on immigration based on nationality.

    2. 1930, Herbert Hoover, banned immigration because of the Depression

    3. Roosevelt upheld this ban until 1944.

  1. What was the “Voyage of the Dammed”? (St. Louis Ship)

    1. Ship with 936 German refugees arrived in Cuba, all but 6 of them Jewish, May 27, 1939. They were not allowed to land b/c of immigration laws.

    2. Eleanor Roosevelt and others worked to land the passengers

    3. Capt. Gustav Schroeder, told them that he would run his ship aground off England rather than return them to Germany

    4. In the end, they were resettled in other countries,

    5. 254 of the passengers died in the holocaust


  1. Did Roosevelt know about Hitler’s regime and its anti-Jewish policies?

    1. Roosevelt eventually learned about Hitler and the persecution of Jews in Germany, yet there was not enough support in the US for another war!

  1. When did Roosevelt learn about the "Final Solution"

    1. Sept 3, 1941 - The first test use of Zyklon-B gas at Auschwitz

    2. Jan 20, 1942 - Wannsee Conference to coordinate the "Final Solution."

    3. Summer, 1942 – Roosevelt learns about the Final Solution

    4. December 1942- The US declares that Germany’s crimes will be avenged!

    5. July 1942 - Newspapers in the US began to report about the genocide, however, reports were buried in the newspapers, not front-page news!

“From the start of the war in Europe to its end nearly six years later, the story of the Holocaust made the Times front page only 26 times out of 24,000 front-page stories, and most of those stories referred to the victims as “refugees” or “persecuted minorities.” In only six of those stories were Jews identified on page one as the primary victims.”

  1. Why didn’t the US simply bomb the gas chambers or the railroads leading to the concentration camps?

    1. We were now in WWII. We had to win the war first!

    2. If Roosevelt had set his efforts on rescuing the Jews from the concentration camps, we would have weakened our war effort.

  1. What was finally done to help?

    1. The War Refugee Board

      1. established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in January 1944

      2. created to help Jews that would have been persecuted.

      3. 200,000 Jews from Nazi occupied countries were rescued

      4. received mixed praise because of the failure of the United States to act sooner

    2. Liberation of the Jews after WWII

If time permits, have student click on timeline below and look at it….


Summary: Restate Aim

HW: Continue to work on Genocide Worksheet…to be collected…

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