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Archeological Find of an Ossuary Containing a Jesus son of Joseph

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Archeological Find of an Ossuary Containing a Jesus son of Joseph

The BBC recently publicized the find of an ossuary in the Holy Land containing a Jesus, son of Joseph, as well as a Judas, a James, and a Joseph.

The find is not really compelling (the Israeli archeologists were the least impressed): these are very, very common names for the time

Wright’s Closing Comments
Living Daily with the Resurrection

Paul: all of life is prayed life. The idea that we should “pray” and worship only on Sunday would have been an anathema to Paul.

We do need “sacred” time when we consciously take time to worship God. We must also remember (in Lamentations): God’s mercy is new every morning, a Resurrection image.
A morning prayer that Wright uses in his private prayers: “As we rejoice in the gift of this new day, so may the light of your presence O God set our hearts on fire with love for you now and forever.”
“The rising sun is ‘God’s visual aid’ to remind us that the Resurrection matters today . . . we are to live each day in the light of the rising sun and that by that light we will see clearly to walk all the day through until the day dawns . . . when (as Revelation says) in the New City, in the New Jerusalem, they won’t need any sun or moon any longer because that’s the point at which God’s visual aid becomes reality, and the rising Son of God replaces the rising sun of the world and the Lord Jesus will be the light of that City forever. That’s what we are looking forward to, and in the light of that, we are now living and working, please God, to His praise and glory.”

Video. Jesus' Resurrection. Then and Now. N. T. Wright. Tabgha Foundation, Minneapolis. Available from CARES (Center for Advanced Religious External Studies), P.O. Box 863, Forest, VA, 24551. 800-665-2149.
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