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Has the New Creation Really Begun? Have Things Really Changed?

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Has the New Creation Really Begun? Have Things Really Changed?

It has been 2000 years since Jesus. There is no one to tell us what things were like in Jesus’ day. Are we really “freed from Egypt”? Have things really changed? Are we really living in a New Age? What evidence is there?

Some humility is necessary as we look upon the history of the church. Yet there are saints – many right under our noses.
Consider: the Roman Empire before and after it converted to Christianity. There were changes for the better after its conversion, for example:

Consider in more modern times:


The gospel has changed the world, although we must be realistic about the challenges remaining.

Wright’s attitude coming out of the Resurrection towards Jubilee 2000: the principalities and powers – the forces of Mammon, of economics -- have been defeated on the cross. The purpose of Jubilee is to bring the world into this reality, to apply the victory of the cross.

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