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Discussion Sin and the Resurrection

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Sin and the Resurrection

The Resurrection is the power through which we have the forgiveness of sins. Paul in 1 Corinthians says that if the Messiah had not been raised, then we are still in the power of sin. It is as though sin was “concentrated” on Jesus as the representative of the world. If Jesus is still dead, then God has not dwelt with sin and death and we are still under the thrall of sin and all that sin brings, including death, decay, corruption.

Christians still do sin. But the key question is: where do we live? Going back to the Exodus stories:

  • Are we still living “in Egypt” – then we still hear the voice of our “slave master”, and we feel we have no choice but to obey.

  • Or do we believe are we free of Egypt, albeit wandering in the wilderness, but on the way to the promised land, and live in that freedom and in the knowledge?

Because of the Resurrection, the forgiveness of sins (as we pray for in the Lord’s Prayer) is now a possibility, not merely a hope.

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