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What is the Meaning of All this for Today?

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What is the Meaning of All this for Today?

What the Resurrection Does Not Mean

The Resurrection does not primarily mean that:

  • there is a life after death – the Jews in Jesus’ day already believed this.

  • Jesus is alive today – This is true, but this reality primarily reflects Pentecost and the gift of the Spirit.

  • the supernatural world exists, or there is an interventionist God. Not true. The biblical view of God is a God who is always present. “Heaven” and “earth” are the two dimensions of God’s reality – and these dimensions are not identical to what we speak of as “supernatural” and “natural.”

The Central Meaning of the Resurrection.

The central meaning of the Resurrection is that the New Age, the New Creation has already begun. This is the New Age promised by the prophets through which God’s justice and peace will embrace the world

We are:

  • the covenant community (loosely called the “church”),

  • the people of the Resurrection,

  • God’s renewed people for the world,

  • new human beings, transformed as Paul says, by the renewal of our minds (nous; see below),

  • examples of a new model of “humanness,” a people who should show to the world what God intends human beings to be

who must take the New Age forward until it is finished.

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