Notes on Jesus’ Resurrection 4: Paul’s Understanding of Jesus’ Resurrection Wright’s Opening Comments Paul’s Letters

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Paul holds to a robustly bodily view of the resurrection. It is a very Jewish view that involves a bodily resurrection, and clearly implies an empty tomb.

We Are People of the New Creation, Looking Forward to the Completion of the New Creation

Our culture lives in the “story” that world history reached its climax in the 18th century Enlightenment. But as Christians, we know the climax of history was Jesus’ Resurrection

The “story” we must live in is that:

  • “God has begun the New Creation” with the first mark of victory over evil and death of Jesus’ Resurrection. “We are people of the New Creation, looking forward to the completion of the New Creation, and responsible in the present for bringing bits of that future into birth here and now.”

Paul was telling stories and acting symbolically

Living within this story today will require:

  • poetic sensibility

  • resources of the imagination, music, art

  • to reconstruct the imaginative (not imaginary) sense of the world necessary to grasp the truth

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