Notes on Jesus’ Resurrection 4: Paul’s Understanding of Jesus’ Resurrection Wright’s Opening Comments Paul’s Letters

Transformed Physicality (1 Corinthians 15:29-58)

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Transformed Physicality (1 Corinthians 15:29-58)

What is this new resurrected body?

“The resurrection body possesses both continuity and discontinuity with the existing body.”

    • “The plant grows from the seed yet is a different sort of a thing.” [1]

The resurrection body should be thought of as a “transformation of the existing body into a new mode of physicality.” [1] – “transformed physicality.”

Main difference between the present body and our resurrected body is that the first body is a “soul” body; the resurrected body is a “spirit” body. That is, the difference is a difference in what “animates” the body, what holds the body in being.

    • Wright suggests this is a misleading translation:

      • “physical body” (soma psychikon); is better translated a “soulish” body

      • “spiritual body” (soma pneumatikon)

    • Our present body is animated by “soul”

    • Our future body will be animated / held in existence by God’s pneuma (God’s spirit)

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