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A Bit of the Past, a Bit of the Future Coming Together in the Present

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A Bit of the Past, a Bit of the Future Coming Together in the Present

The Resurrection includes

  • Jesus’ Resurrection coming up to us from the past,

  • our own Resurrection coming down to us in the future,

  • both meeting us in the present, washing over us and changing us.

Because we live between the past of Jesus’ resurrection, and the future of our own resurrection (God final victory over death) we should live as “Exodus People; we have left Egypt behind. We no longer belong to the land of slavery.

  • We can find Exodus language in

    • Romans 6

    • 1 Corinthian 10’s discussion of Baptism

Our life is already somehow bound up in the Christ who has died and who has risen

  • Colossians 3:3-4: “for you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life is revealed, then you also will be revealed with him in glory.” (NRSV).

  • Means: “Your true life is already somehow already bound up with Christ, the risen Christ, in the heavenly places, with God.”

This is what sacraments are all about, bringing to us in the present a bit of the future and a bit of the past

  • For example, Eucharist: a bit of the future (the feast to come), a bit of the past (the Last Supper)


“We lives in this odd interval in God’s purpose in history, between the resurrection of Jesus in the past, and our own future resurrection, and God’s remaking of the whole world in the future, and these two together hold us in a newly storied world, in a new imaginative world, in which we can live and work as Christians and in which we know that what we do in the present is not in vain, is not going to be thrown away. We are building, hopefully with gold and silver and precious stones, and when the day appears, then that work will appear with it.”

Further Reading
1. The Meaning of Jesus. Two Visions. Marcus J. Borg; N. T. Wright. Harper San Francisco, 1998. The main points of Wright’s opening comments in the video are also presented in the second section of Chapter 7 (“The Transforming Reality of the Bodily Resurrection”)

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