Notes 4-7 Cold War, Korea, Vietnam

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Notes 4-7 Cold War, Korea, Vietnam

  1. The ________________________ War was a conflict (kinda) that featured the USA and USSR (Soviet Russia.)

  2. During the Cold War there was not the added part that war could lead to the ____________________________ of the human species.

  3. Winston Churchill said of the Soviet advance that an, “____________________ curtain had descended across Europe.”

  4. In 1948 the Soviets tried to cut-off _______________ Berlin. By closing the main road to there.

  5. The US tried to stop the spread of communism by founding _____________________, and had a huge hand in several CIA elections.

  6. Probably the biggest thing that most people forget was the __________________________ arms race.

  7. We came close to nuclear war twice, once with the ____________________ missile crisis and then later when we forgot to tell them about a test.

  8. The __________________________ effect was the idea that communism would spread once another country became communist.

  9. The Soviets were the first to put a satellite, a man, and a dog in ________________________.

  1. ___________________ War is known as the “Forgotten War” of the Cold War.

  2. The “Forgotten War” became a stalemate at the _________ parallel.

  3. Under the _______________________ theory, we had to stop Ho Chi Min’s communist ideas in Vietnam.

  4. US military involvement (large scale) began because of the Gulf of Tonkin, which actually __________ __________ occur.

  5. More bombs were dropped in Vietnam than all of ___________________, both sides!

  6. The Vietnam was really the first war that the United states ______________. Mainly because we did not really know WHY they were fighting.

  7. The Vietnamese were not fighting for communism, they were fighting for ________________________.

  8. The United States comes away from the war ______________ trusting their government.

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