Note that we do not provide legal advice here at Stop Smart Meters Hawaii or KeepYourPower org. However, others have used a similar letter to revoke permission for the utility to install a Smart Meter on their home or business

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Note that we do not provide legal advice here at Stop Smart Meters Hawaii or However, others have used a similar letter to revoke permission for the utility to install a Smart Meter on their home or business.


There is no such thing as too much protection. This notice protects you if you take your own actions against the installation of a digital electric meter. If it ever gets to a legal contest, the courts seem to favor the people who have repeated their claims and demands the most often and the most timely.

When you declare “Self Defense With Cause” (below) the power company must cease all violations and may not lawfully retaliate, deny you utility services, charge you additional fees, or tamper with your replacement meter.

  1. The names and mailing addresses for the CEOs of applicable power companies in HI are below. KUIC is not listed because the roll-out of smart meters on Kauai is complete (they have 30,000+ meters). Always communicate in writing with an authorized party. Do not speak on the phone with staff as they have no authority and will simply attempt to enforce company “policy” which may be unlawful and damaging to you.


Mr. Richard M. Rosenblum

President and Chief Executive Officer

Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.

820 Ward Avenue

Honolulu, HI 96814


Ms. Sharon M. Suzuki


Maui Electric Company, Limited

210 West Kamehameha Avenue

Kahului, HI 96732


Mr. Jay M. Ignacio


Hawai’I Electric Light Company, Inc.

1200 Kilauea Avenue

Hilo, HI 96720

  1. Edit the letter below by entering your name & address, you may want to include your utility service account number. Enter the CEO’s name and address as the addressee. Make everything non-italic. Edit the salutation and make it non-italic. Sign the letter and omit the italic word “signature”. Replace the text “your name” with your actual name and make that non-italic.

  2. Print the letter out and sign it with blue ink.

  3. Make at least 4 photocopies of the letter. Keep the original in your files.

  4. Send a photocopy in Certified U.S. Postal Mail with Return Receipt to the CEO of the power company. Keep all mail receipts and the return post card when it arrives. Keep everything together in a large envelope with the original letter. Put that envelope in a place where you can find it later, even two years from now.

  5. Whenever ANYONE challenges your right to have a safe and lawful electric meter, send or give them a photocopy of this letter. The original is to be filed with the court if there is ever any legal action. DO NOT engage anyone on the subject of your electric meter without giving them a copy of this letter and demanding verbally that its contents be observed.

DON’T FORGET TO PRESENT THIS LETTER anytime anyone challenges your right to have a safe and lawful electric meter!

DISCLAIMER: This was not written by a lawyer or professional adviser and these are layman’s opinions. We encourage you to consult your lawyer about this.

FROM: (Insert your name and address, use non-italics)

TO: (Insert your power company CEO name and address, listed above)

(Insert today’s date)


To (CEO name) and all providers of utility services in (county):

If you are attempting installation of a digital electric meter on our property YOU ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW. Digital electric meters, including but not limited to "Smart Meters" are unlawful surveillance devices (Federal Title 18, Wiretapping) calling for prison terms for those who install those devices without consent. We hereby deny consent for any such installation on our property. Digital electric meters also violate the U.S. Constitution, 4th amendment with non-consensual search of private property, again crimes punishable with prison terms. Also digital meters unlawfully emit radiation of a type known and shown to cause cancer, neurological illnesses and injuries, and a host of symptoms and medical problems. That radiation constitutes assault (18 U.S.C. § 113 : US Code - Section 113) and public endangerment, again criminal violations calling for prison sentences and major fines. All of those violations also provide for essentially unlimited civil claims. YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND DESIST ALL ATTEMPTS TO INSTALL AND OPERATE RADIATION EMITTING SURVEILLANCE AND MONITORING DEVICES ON MY PROPERTY, RESIDENCE AND WORKPLACE.
The unsafe and unlawful characteristics of digital electric meters give me, the property owner and/or occupant every right to act in self defense against their use on his property. In self defense it is permissible for the potential victim to violate the law against a criminal assailant. You may not consider any law or policy to have power to prevent me from defending my life, property, health and safety. If any attempt is or has been made to install a digital electric meter on my property I will take immediate defensive action by lawful removal of that meter and replacement with a legal device of my choosing. You have no recourse against that because your actions violate the law and they threaten my health, safety, privacy and rights and give me right of self-defense. Any digital meter installed on my property will be or has been removed and replaced with a safe analog meter of my choosing, and that is a rightful act of self defense against your criminal and harmful acts.
If you attempt to install a digital meter on my property you are hereby on notice that:

1) You, upon commission of the criminal misconduct described above, lose all right of easement, contract and policy as a utility service provider.

2) You, by criminal misconduct, may not retaliate in any way or deny, or threaten to deny utility service as a response to my self-defensive action.

3) You, by criminal misconduct, have no right to dictate any terms or demand any payment, fee, penalty, application, registration or other compliance by our refusal of your unsafe and unlawful meter.

4) You, by criminal misconduct are and will be in liability and obligation to me for all costs and consequences of your unlawful acts.

5) If any person attempts to enter our property to commit an unlawful act such as to install a digital meter we will contact law enforcement with formal charges of criminal trespass and we will demand that installers be taken into custody under our formal criminal complaints. Prosecution will be sought.

6) You must provide a safe and lawful analog meter not capable of emitting radiation and not capable of monitoring private activities on my property.

7) You may not object to, obstruct, impede or penalize any self-defensive measures I deem necessary if you fail to heed this notice. 

You are subject to this adhesion contract upon delivery as a condition of our granting you the privilege to provide and sell electric service to this property and to profit from that privilege. The terms and conditions in this notice are forceful and binding upon you upon delivery because this notice does nothing more than state our rightful position and does not require any action by you except the avoidance of criminal violations. Criminal violations must be avoided and remedied regardless of notice.
Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal.


(Sign your name here using blue ink)

(Insert your printed name, use non-italics)


Download 13.32 Kb.

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