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Poland-bib - 11/29/08
A listing of some books on medieval Poland by Magnus.
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Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 11:25:18 -0500

From: rmhowe

Subject: Re: [SCA-AS] Polish and Russian sources

To: Colleen McDonald , Arts and

Sciences in the SCA
Colleen McDonald wrote:
>> There is a fantastic set of books being produced by

>> of which I have several.

>> Unfortunately trying to order these things directly

>> from them has not produced results in my case.

>> I tried to order a couple hundred dollars' worth one day.

>> They do have a credit card payment page which I used.

>> Let me know if you have better luck.>>


> Magnus,


> Could you give us the name of the series? I tried navigating around the

> site, but I only have a word or two of Polish, which wasn't much help.
Most of the ones so far published have to do with the Crusades

period and the Moslems and the later Turks and Mongols/Tatars.

I have several in this bunch. They are large hardbacks and not

like Ospreys. There are a lot of illustrations and they are very

detailed. I will say the artist has an odd way of drawing some

types of humans. :)

There is one I really want on the Normanowi [and Vikings] I have not

been able to get yet but I don't look for it that often. The main

author for the ones I am speaking of is: Michalek, Andrzej
Here are a few of what I have bought, not my title translation

but a Polish man's. These I have bought from Poland but he was

selling them second hand, not new and the last time I looked

he had quit listing alternate titles in English, Polish or

Russian only. I am not particularly inclined to publish

that small source widely, and you would have to go through

a huge amount of books he lists to find the few medieval ones.

Mostly he is a dealer for the modern army re-enactors, historians

and modelers, which is why he has some in Russian too. I'm

quite sure he was raised to read it. I think I have spent

5 hours or so going through his stuff each time and maybe found

a dozen period works, when it was in English too.

Price does not always include shipping. Most were near new or

in fairly new shape. Not all are from Bellona:

Wyprawy Krzyzowe. Armie Ludow Tureckich (The Crusades. Armies of the

Turkish People)

Michalek, Andrzej

Price: US$ 22.

Book Description: Warszawa, 2003. 21x30, Hb, new copy, 335pp, 38 color

plates showing arms and armor, line drawings, color and b/w

illustrations showing arms, armor, fortifications etc throughout. Descr.

military art of Turks, their allies and enemies from the ancient period

to 1453 (the fall of Constantinople). Massive reference. Text in Polish.

*** There are a copy or two of this one available in America right now

from Articles of War. $32.00 pity the ones I want aren't listed.

Bookseller: Articles of War Ltd, 3 Rodeo Road, Silver City, NM, U.S.A.,



E-mail: warbooks at

Phone #: (505 ) 534-8840

Fax #: (505 ) 534-8842


Wyprawy Krzyzowe. Mehmed Zdobywca (The Crusades. Mahammed the Conqueror)

Michalek, Andrzej

Price: US$ 27.70

Book Description: Warszawa, 2003. 21x30, Hb, new copy, 250pp, 28 color

plates showing arms and armor, line drawings, color and b/w

illustrations showing arms, armor, fortifications etc throughout. Descr.

Turkish and European military art during the reign of Mahammed the

Conqueror, 1451-1481. Massive reference. Text in Polish.



Shtcherbakov, A & Dzys, I LEDOVOYE POBOISHTCHE 1242 ("Battle on Ice"

1242) Moscow, 2000. 22,5x29,5, Hb, new copy, 82pp. Richly illustrated:

9 full page detailed colour plates (+1 on cover) showing Russian and

Teutonic arms and armor, numerous colour illustrations and b/w line

drawings in text. Descr. on of the greatest event in the Medieval Rus

history: victory at the Battle on the Tchudskoye Lake, 1242. Interesting

reference. Text in Russian. Price: US$ 25.10 (C


*Turnau, Irena Slownik Ubiorow (Dictionary of Dress in Poland)

Warszawa, 2001. 17x24, Hb, new copy, 232pp, some illustrations.

Dictionary of Polish words related to dress, leather, fabrics, arms,

jewelry and colors, used in Poland from the Middle Ages to XIX century.

Text in Polish. Price: US$ 28.23 Barely illustrated.

For someone who doesn't speak Polish this is hardly helpful.


Gruntman, Andrzej: Jazda Polska 1450-1550 (Polish Horse 1450-1550)

Warszawa, 1997, out of print. 16,5x23,5, Pb, new copy, 37pp, 43 b/w

illustrations (photographs, line drawings, maps), 8 color plates (+1

plate on cover) showing medieval military dress. Incl. history,

organization, arms, armor, pay, discipline, battles. Text in Polish.

US$ 10.04 plus tax and shipping $8 = $19.30


Shpakovskiy, Viatcheslav Bitva na Kalke w Leto 1223 (Battle on the

Kalka River 1223) Moscow, 2003. 21x27,5, Pb, new copy, 64pp, 16 color

plates showing Russian and Mongol arms and armor of the period, b/w

illustrations in text. Descr. battle on the Kalka river in 1223 between

Russian and Mongol armies. Defeat of Russian troops resulted in further

weakness of the medieval Russia and Mongol domination for several

centuries. Text in Russian.

US$ 10.04 plus tax and shipping $8 = $19.30


Swiatkiewicz, Piotr: Uzbrojenie wczesnosredniowieczne z Pomorza

Zachodniego - Die Fruehmittelalterlihe Bewaffnung in Westpommern im

Spiegel der Archaeologischen Quellen (Early Middle Ages Weapons from

West Pomerania; Lodz, 2002. large size (A4), Pb, new copy, 184pp, 23

full page b/w plates (line drawings) showing parts of ogirinal weapons

and horse equipment. From the Acta Archaeologica Lodziensia series. Text

and ill. descr. in Polish, 4pp of German Summary. US$ 16.32 + tax and

shipping $8 = $26.02


Gorelik, Mikhail B.: Armiya Tataro-Mongol X-XIV vv (Armies of Tatars and

Mongols X-XIVcc.) Moscow, 2002. 21x27,5, Pb, new copy, 83pp. 35 b/w

plates + 8 two-page colour plates showing arms and armor. Descr.

history, organization and weapons of the Tatar and Mongol armies of the

X-XIV centuries. Text in Russian. Interesting reference.

US$ 17.57 plus tax and shipping $8 = $27.56 5/04


Zukowski, Robert View Book Image RYCERSTWO POLSKIE X-XV w. (Polish

Knighthood of the X-XV cc) Warszawa, 1999, out of print. 18,5x25, new

copy, Pb, 96pp. Descr. the period betw. the Piasts rule and the battle

of Grunwald. 8 colour plates showing knights (3 figures per plate) + 1

plate on cover. Numerous line drawings, photographs and maps in text.

Incl. medieval Polish army organization, main battles, arms, arm US$

18.82 plus tax and shipping $8 = $28.70. 5/2004


Shtcherbakov, A & Dzys, I KULIKOVSKAYA BITVA 1380 (Battle on the

Kulikovo Field 1380) Moscow, 2000. 22,5x29,5, new copy, 78pp, richly

illustrated: 9 full page colour plates showing martial dress, weapons

and equipment of the period + 1 plate on cover, numerous line drawings,

b/w and colour pictures in text. Descr. battle on the Kulikovo Field

1380 - one of the greates events in the history of medieval Russia which

put the ground for the creation of the Moscow Rus. Incl. detailed

information about both the Russian and the Mongol armies. Interesting

reference. Text in Russian. Bookseller Inventory #ABE-223101658 Price:

US$ 25.10 plus tax and shipping $8= $35.41. 5/2004 Russian. Probably



LEDOVOYE POBOISHTCHE 1242 ("Battle on Ice" 1242)

Shtcherbakov, A & Dzys, I US$ 25.10 plus tax and shipping $8= $35.41.

5/2004w Russian.



Did not receive order listed below, all are Bellona:


Haftka, Mieczslaw: ZAMKI KRZYZACKIE W POLSCE ( Polish Castles &

Fortifications ) Price: $ 65.00 Summary: POLISH TEXT. 1999, Malbork,

Poland, 1st edition, hard bound with illustrated cover, no dj as issued,

8 x 11, FINE CONDITION, 352 pages, prof. illustrated in B&W and color

photos, with numerous B&W period illustrations, maps and plans of

fortified places in Poland from Medieval to 18th Century.


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