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BLUE RÛNA this seminal volume contains four of Edred Thorsson’s most important articles: ‘The Way of Woden’, ‘How to be a Heathen’, ‘The Secret of the Gothick God of Darkness’ and ‘The Alchemy of Yggdrasil’. £9.50

GREEN RÛNA Articles by Edred: Holy Signs, A Curious Curse Formula, The Uthark Theory, Reincarnation in Ástrú, Fate in Ástrú, The Sumble, Euhemerism, The Germanic Idea of the Holy, Rune-Wisdom and Race, The Armanenschaft, German Runic Esotericism and Personal Authority and Odian Ethics £10.00
A SOURCE BOOK OF SEIÐ: The corpus of texts relating to Seiðr (sorcery) in original and translated with notes by Stephen E. Flowers and James A. Chisholm £11.50


THE NORTHERN DAWN: a history of the Reawakening of the Germanic Spirit. Vol. 1: From the Twilight of the Gods to the Sun at Midnight. *An absolute must read*. Stephen E. Flowers £17.50

MAINSTAYS Significant articles from Rune-Kevels (the Rune-Gilds internal publication) 1993-1998 Edred £12.00
WITCHDOM OF THE TRUE: A Study of the Vana-Troth and the Practice of Seiðr by Edred £13.50.

Contains: History of the Vanic Faith, Survival and Revival of Witchdom, Cosmology, Myth and Lore of the Lord and Lady. Ritual Working Formula of Witchdom, Lore of Witchcraft. Lore of Seiðr.

MAGIC OF THE NORSE GODDESSES by Alice Karlsdóttir £15.50

This is the long-awaited Masterwork of the Rune-Gild’s first female Master, containing rituals, trance-working, mythology and much more of this neglected area.

WICCAN SEX-MAGIC: Inga Steddinger £9.50
NINE DOORS OF MIIDGARD 3rd Revised Edition by Edred Thorsson £12.50

Complete graded curriculum of the Rune-Gild. Contains nine stages of lessons with extensive practical exercises in runic meditation, galdra, divination and other advanced techniques. Not available in shops.

RUNE-SONG by Edred Thorsson £17.50

Consists of a CD together with a companion book. Both the CD and the book have unique contents not available in previous publications. All the rune poems are recited in their original languages. A complete operative system of vocal rune-magic or galdor, previously unrevealed.

THE RUNE-POEMS Vol.1 Texts, Translations and Glossary Stephen E. Flowers £14.50

For serious students. All the rune-poems in original and new translation, with glossary and rare material.

RUNE MIGHT history and Practices of the Early 20th Century German Rune Magicians Edred £13.50

This takes the best and most powerful of the early runic techniques and offers them as a coherent set of exercises. Experience rune-yoga, rune-dance, runic hand-gestures, rune-signing, runic healing and more.

THE EDDA As Key to The Coming Age by Peryt Shou (translated by Stephen E. Flowers) £8.50

Classic treatise of runic and Armanic esotericism which gives a new and powerful way of looking at inner work.

SKALDIC NUMBER LORE: Robert Zoller £5.00

Number as a secret mnemonic which encodes and preserves scientific lore in the form of Nordic myth.

TRUE HELM by Sweyn Plowright £11.50

A practical guide to northern warriorship

GROVE AND GALLOWS by James Chisholm £15.50

Greek and Latin sources for Germanic heathenism

RÛNA MAGAZINE £3.00 (Subscription £14 for 4 issues.)

Exploring Northern European Myth, Folklore and Magic. Issues 2, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 available

TYR 2 (430 page book + 77 min CD inc. Blood Axis, Fire + Ice) £18.00 UK or £20.00 Europe

ON BEING A PAGAN by Alain de Benoist £15.00 UK & Europe

Using the pagan deities of ancient Europe as a spiritual recourse to the present religious malaise.

Selected and Introduced by Joscelyn Godwin
Clothbound, sewn signatures, with full-colour dustjacket 5 3/4" x 9 1/4"; 352 + xxi pages

is a wide-ranging collection of colourful essays by English author and philosopher John Michell. For those readers only familiar with his better-known writings on Earth Mysteries, unusual phenomena and eccentric figures, much of the material here will be a pleasant surprise. Dominion, 2005, £24.00 UK £25.00 Europe

THE SEVEN FACES OF DARKNESS Practical Typhonian Magic by Don Webb £13.50

Here is a book which penetrates to the core of the Typhonian current active in the world today by returning to the fountainhead of Setian practice and philosophy. Never before has anyone made the pure Typhonian current more plain and objective, in practice or theory.


Part philosophical treatise, part ontological stand-up comedy and part magical practicum, this book makes clear what many others have only hinted at. For people with wit and perseverance, this book is a training manual for supermen and women.

MYSTERIES OF THE TEMPLE OF SET Inner Teachings of the Left Hand Path by Don Webb £13.50

Reveals inner teachings of the TOS and contains much of deep value to those who are serious about their own initiatory self-transformation.


Essays for Webb’s inner TOS students and new writings for this book take readers in a fascinating initiatory journey along the Left-Hand Path with ‘Uncle Al’ at his side. Focuses on initiatory and philosophical side of Crowley.

THE SECRET KING Karl Maria Wiligut, Himmler's Lord of the Runes. Translated by Stephen E Flowers.

The Real Documents of Nazi Occultism £15.00

FIRE & ICE: Ten tales of the North Double CD £16.00

England's greatest Nordic storyteller P.D.Brown has to be heard to be believed.

THE BATTLE OF THE TREES: 4 Traditional tree stories by P.D.Brown on CD £12.00

THREE TALES OF THE ISLAND OF BRITAIN: 2 CDs of Traditional Celtic stories by P.D.Brown £16.00
BUBASTIS SANCTUARY a tale of Sex, Sorcery and Cats by Dave Lee £3.50 in UK &-Europe

A novel exploring the Great Mystery by an Adept.

THE WEALTH MAGICK WORKBOOK by Dave Lee £9.00 in UK & Europe

How to stalk the money spirit. Fourth edition greatly expanded with much new material.

MAGICAL INCENSES BY Dave Lee £6.00 in UK & Europe

The basic know-how required to make high-quality magical incenses.

CONNECT YOUR BREATH BY Dave Lee £11.00 in UK & Europe

Booklet and CD: increased life-energy, emotional integration healing and a cure for boredom!

RUNE-POEM by Dave Lee £3.50 in UK & Europe

RIG'S TALE by Dave Lee £6.00 in UK & Europe

Rigsthula of the Elder Edda retold with a sequel for the end of time.

THE GALAFRON RITE by Dave Lee £7.00 in UK & Europe

Declassified from the IOT magical order's archives, this cassette is a working in English and German of a powerful Chaos Rite which you can use to rewire your mind.


NEW*** Issue 26 now out £5.00 UK, £6.00 Europe (Please note that no back issues remain.) *** NEW
FIRE + ICE (ex Death In June, Current 93, Sol Invictus).

Music made in the tradition of the ancient skalds and scops and encoded with many secrets of the dark magic of Germanic LHP sorcery, influenced by the Lord of Light and Drighten of Darkness, Woden.

Fire + Ice are what folk music would be like had it continued to be created instead of mainly staying in the past. Not rock but certainly uneasy listening! All CDs listed below are £11.00 UK & Europe

GILDED BY THE SUN - RÛNABIRDKING – HOLLOW WAYS (re-released with new cover art)
VERDANDI – NORTH COUNTRY New CD project by Alice Karlsdóttir, Rune-Master featured on’ Birdking’. Heathen music both serious and humorous in a modern folk style £11.00 *** NEW ***


Poems, pathworkings and pataphysical patter from ex-C.I. editor and senior Chaos magician.

SHADES OF YGGDRASIL CD by Freya Aswynn £11.00

Sacred Nordic texts plus Aleister Crowley’s notorious pornographic poem ‘Leah Sublime’ as only Freya could do it.

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