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Buffington Indian Genealogy

Note From Brad Humble: The following information is the most complete set of information about Mary Smith, Elizabeth Logan, Joel Buffington, William Logan, John Logan, Chief Logan, Chief Shikellamy that I have been able to put together briefly but giving enough historical background to support my opinion.

My opinion is that researched from the Buffington side the link from Joel Buffington and Elizabeth Logan marriage leads to any conclusions that we are related by marriage to Chief Logan and Chief Shikellamy is very doubtful. Trying to link the genealogy from Chief Shikellamy back to the Buffingtons is simply a flight of fancy.

Do the Buffingtons have any Native American Bloodlines? Of course. The Buffingtons as well of the rest of my ancestors have been none to choosy in who they decided to intermingle DNA. Every form of royalty and scoundrel has not dropped far from our family tree. Here is a link to Thomas Buffington, a Cherokee Chief.

Joseph Buffington, b. 1776, 3rd child of Joel and Elizabeth Logan Buffington,

Joel Buffington, b. ca 1744 in Hampshire Co., VA, d. 17 March 1821, in Mason co., Va (on Buffington Island). married ca 1772 Elizabeth Logan, d/o William Logan and Mary Smith." (Interesting that Mary Smith was rumored to be a Cherokee Indian,)

John Logan, d. 1757, Cumberland Co., PA; married Janot. they had 6 children:

1. Alexander, b. before 1736, d. 1762-63, Cumberland Co., PA,; m.
Mary_____ and had 8 children.
2. William Logan, b. before 1736, d. 25 July - 12 Aug. 1768 Cumberland
Co., PA: m. Mary Smith, she died after 1768. They had 5 children:
Twins, Alexander & John, b. after 1747.

3. Elizabeth Logan, married ca

1772 Joel Buffington. 4. Tennant. 5. Elinor, b after 1747."

3. Iounna; m. before 1757, ____Townsley.

4. Mary, d. before 1762; m. before 1757, John Ervin (Ewing).
5. Elinor.
6. Martha."

A quote from the history of the Logan Family where he his John Logan's

will recorded;
"Our ancestor is John Logan, son of William. It appears he lived in Bucks County and he could have been of the family of Alexander who came to America in 1684. John moved to West Pennsboro TWP in Cumberland Co.,
PA. His wife was Jonet. According to tax records, John, Alexander, and William Logan paid taxes in West Pennsboro TWP in 1751. History records that John Logan was the only surviving committeeman on the Pensylvania
Council in 1743. John died in 1757 in Cumberland Co., and according to his will left his wife, Jonet, his sons, Alexander and William, and daughters, Iounna (Townsley), Mary (Ervin), Elinor Logan and Martha
Logan." Will is then recorded.

John's son is William, His will is also recorded in Hommer's book. I won't type it all here. a paragraph speaks of Elizabeth;

"Elizabeth Logan, daughter of William and Mary, is our ancestor. It is accepted through family tradition that Elizabeth was part Indian. History supports this belief. A Great nephew of Elizabeth, John
Alexander Logan, was an important figure in Illinois history in his day. He was a son of Dr. John Logan, son of John who was a brother of Elizabeth. In a story of the achievements of John Alexander Logan(1826-1886) it mentions his ability in oratory and says he presented an impressive image as an orator of the spread eagle type with a large amount of flowing black hair "which showed his Indian heritage". In a letter from Jennie Buffington to Mrs. J.W. Carter (Emma Buffinton),
written in 1921 is .... "...don't be shocked when I tell you our father's great grandmother was an Indian"...... this would be Mary Smith, mother of Elizabeth Logan. Jennie Buffington's brother had done
extensive research on the Logan family, which was unpublished.
Elizabeth Logan married Joel Buffington ca 1772 and her story as "Lady Buffington" is recorded in the Buffington Family. (which I add here.)

"According to Joel Buffington's gravestone record he was born ca 1744. He was born in Virginia and married Elizabeth Logan ca 1772. She was affectionately known as Lady Buffington. They had 9 children.

"Joel lived in Hampshire Co., VA during the Revolutionary War. During the War he spent 7 years hauling freight between Virginia and Baltimore. Since Joel was a Quaker and did not endorse participating in
combat this was his way of assisting in the war effort. Joel and Elizabeth were still in Hampshire Co. as late as 26 June 1792 as evidenced by a deed for 150 acres on Abraham Creek on Allegheny Mountain to William Vandiver. They were " of Hampshire Co". They also sold land there to John Johnston which was recorder 18 May 1795. It may be that about this time they moved on westward. Probably the inheritance of land from their father urged them on to the Ohio River area. Joel is
listed in the History of Meigs Co., OH, as being among the first settlers of Sterling Bottom at Portland, OH. He became a large land owner, not only because of his inheritance, but also in his own right. HE purchased an island of 150 acres of fertile land in the Ohio River
from the Duvals in 1787, so he must have visited this part of the country before he moved his family. This buying of the island was hailed as a "considerable transaction". It was thereafter called Buffington Island, a name which clings to it today. It is located a few miles above Ravenswood, WV, near Sherman. The land in the vicinity of the Island along the Ohio shore was called "Buffington Fields", and there was a boat landing named Buffington. The Island became a gracious
home for the Buffington family for 50 years."

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