Not everything you should know! You will need to use this knowledge as a basic idea and expand from there. Use it, read it, learn it. You know the whole trying to destroy your way of life was a joke – right?

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3. Lets agree to get along!

For many, the high point in détente came in 1975 with the Helsinki agreements. The US and the USSR along with 33 other countries met to discuss 3 key issues and reached agreement on them that showed that progress was being made and there was good feeling after the agreements were signed.

3. Let the good time roll...




Human Rights


The borders of the countries in Europe were recognised – which means they all agreed not to try and change them (no invasions. Yay!) The Soviet Union also accepted the existence of West Germany – hopefully meaning no more attempts to take West Berlin!

The countries all agreed to have closer cultural, economic and scientific links. By sharing ideas, money and technology they were showing a high level of trust and it was hoped it would lead to strong political agreement

Each agreed to respect some basic Human Rights – freedom of thought, speech, religion and freedom from unfair arrest. These were all things that were not common in the Soviet Union, so it was seen as a huge step forward.

After Helsinki things seemed to be going well. Even though there were still some issues about the Soviets respecting Human Rights both countries were happy enough to begin another round of SALT talks. The final agreements reach in June 1979 were:

  • Limit of 2400 strategic nuclear delivery vehicles (ICBMs, SLBMs and Bombers) – a step forward and this put a cap on the number of methods each side had of nuking each other.

  • 1320 limit on MIRVs. Again, a step forward as it limits each sides ability to nuke!

  • Ban on construction of any ground based ICBM launchers – so they couldn’t all be fired

  • Limits on other non-nuclear weapons

All in all SALT II was a positive set of agreements. Both sides seemed keen on stopping the arms race. Yet it was never signed...

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