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Enough Bombs to destroy the world 500 times? Silly! Enough to do it 300 times? Much Safer!

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2. Enough Bombs to destroy the world 500 times? Silly! Enough to do it 300 times? Much Safer!

In May 1972 after 3 years of talks a set of agreements between the USA and USSR on the reduction of their nuclear arsenals were reached. This was SALT 1Strategic Arms Limitations Talks. The key agreements were:

  • ABMs – Anti Ballistic Missiles to be reduced. This meant the USA and USSR could not feel immune from nuclear attack and had to trust each other.
    2 - Saving the world. From themselves.

  • A 5 year freeze on the number of ICBMs (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile) and SLBMs (Submarine launched Ballistic Missile) that each side had.

  • Each side is allowed to use satellite’s on each other to check the agreements are being kept – otherwise known as they’re are saying it’s okay to spy on each other!

  • No limit on strategic bombers or MIRVs (Multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles). This meant both sides could still put any number of nukes on a plan and have more than 1 warhead on a missile, which meant that it was not all good!

The improvement in the relations between the 2 countries continued to the point that in 1974 President Nixon visited Brezhnev is Moscow and the two leaders agreed that they would do their best to try and remove the danger of war and limit the number of nuclear warheads everyone had. They also encouraged a number of links in sport, art, culture and technology – which again showed the improvements in the relations.

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