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Revised January, 2011
In order to establish and define a standard set of policies and procedures for all vendors, sutlers and/or merchants that attend Northwest Civil War Council events the following are enacted by the NCWC Board of Directors:
1. Sutler/merchant fees will be determined by the designated NCWC representative based on commercial display area only. Living quarters area will not be assessed.

2. The specific fee will be determined according to square footage (see Registration Form) with a

minimum charge of $10.00 per day.

3. The designated NCWC representative shall visit each sutler/merchant as soon as practicable during the event to determine and collect the fees.

4. All sutlers/merchants must be members of the NCWC, WCWA or other affiliated groups with which we hold a Board approved reciprocal agreement in order to participate at our events and be covered by our liability insurance policy. Such sutlers/merchants must also register at each event.

5. All sutlers/merchants wishing to attend NCWC events must contact the Sutler Coordinator prior to each event and must complete the Sutler Registration Form once each year. The Sutler Coordinator will retain a copy of these forms for presentation, upon request, to the event coordinator or NCWC Chair- person.

6. Any sutler/merchant who sets up in a space reserved for someone else may be required to move. They will be allowed to set up only if space is available.

7. All sutlers/merchants shall be responsible for their own security at NCWC events and we recommend purchase of comprehensive insurance against criminal activity or loss of property due to natural circumstances.

8. The following authenticity standards are required of all sutlers/merchants at NCWC events…

a. Wear period clothing anytime your display is open to the public.

b. Display and sell goods that would have existed during the 1861-1865 period. Exceptions are

items such as books, musical recordings or other modern goods that teach, explain or examine

life during the American Civil War. Merchants will remove inappropriate display items at the

request of the NCWC.

c. Erect an enclosure of period design and materials.

9. All sutlers/merchants shall provide a reasonable “money back guarantee” on their products. All items must be priced or a catalog provided to the customer which lists their prices.

10. Sutlers/merchants will not be allowed to sell firearms, edged weapons, gunpowder or percussion

caps to anyone under the age of 18 without the presence of the minor’s parent or legal guardian.

11. All sutlers/merchants must check the NCWC website or contact the NCWC Sutler

Coordinator (Doris Konnerup – Company K Mercantile – 34145 Hwy 99E, Tangent, OR 97389. 541-967-0091. Email to determine specific setup and tear down times for each event they wish to attend.

12. Each sutler/merchant will be provided a receipt from the designated NCWC representative for payment of their assessed fees. A copy of this receipt, plus the fee money, shall be given to the Event Coordinator by the end of that event.

13. The Event Coordinator shall give the sutler receipts and money to the NCWC Treasurer within thirty (30) days of the end of that event.

14. All period camps shall be closed to sales of products, historic or not, to re enactors and the public, during the hours the camps are open to the public. Such sales would be restricted to Sutler row, or the civilian market place. (AR VI – A – 6)

15. Any sutler/merchant who fails to comply with the rules as listed above may be asked to leave the event and may be prohibited from returning.

16. The duties and expectations of the NCWC Sutler Coordinator are as follows:

  1. Maintain the highest standards in following our sutler rules and policies at all events and set the example for the other sutlers.

  2. Solicit or contact other sutlers to come to our events (by phone or email) where the NCWC has authority to do so (e.g. this excludes Fort Stevens).

  3. Track attending sutlers or merchants and arrange for space in accordance with necessity or area available at event sites.

  4. Treat all sutlers (including themselves) with equality and without regard to product line or personal considerations.

  5. Provide a copy of the NCWC sutler policies to each sutler upon their first appearance at our events each year.

  6. Ensure that all sutlers at NCWC events are members of the NCWC or a reciprocating organization, require proof of this at each event AND make sure that each sutler is properly registered with our Membership Coordinator at each event.

  7. Monitor the sutler area throughout each event and report any violations of our rules or concerns to either the Event Coordinator or Board Chairperson of the NCWC. The Sutler Coordinator is NOT asked to enforce our rules or policies.

  8. Inform each Event Coordinator of expected merchants or sutlers that plan to attend that event.

  9. Will NOT collect sutler fees at events. That may be done by the Event Coordinator or representative assigned by the Board Chairperson.

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