Northup, Solomon. Twelve Years a slave (New York: Penguin Books, 2012). (461)

Rey, P.J. “Alienation, Exploitation, and Social Media.”

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Rey, P.J. “Alienation, Exploitation, and Social Media.” American Behavioral Scientist 56 (2012): 399-420. (23)
In an exploration of Marxist theory with the implementation of social media into modern day rhetoric, P.J. Rey works to explain the tactics of present day revolutionaries in their use of social media, as well as explain the myth-making ideals of implying that such technologies are present in creating change or unification. Most poignant in this dialogue is an understanding of the aspects of Marxism which Rey pulls from, specifically the “cattle-like existence” of the people, more specifically the workers.202 Rey’s juxtaposition of this rhetoric with the existence of social media as the factory is interesting to contemplate, but not necessarily cohesive as the ultimate question remains in the social configuration of our digital nature and its benefits to the globe.203 As seen in his title Rey’s emphasis on alienation and exploitation is unique and calls into question the separating force of social media instead of unifying one which popular culture tends to lean towards. Rey uses Marx’s Grundrisse to emphasize this point, as in the text Marx explains a moment in time when complexity of machines increases and replace humans in to labor process, creating a sort of planned obsolesce of humans existence in the work force.204 Though Rey’s comparison with Marxist theory might come off as rather intense it is, ultimately, a necessary and plausible reality in a modern, technological based society, especially in one which has such an interesting relationship with social movements. Even if Rey does not explain in depth they interests of social movements to incorporate Marxist theory, it seems to be a critical reality.

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