Northup, Solomon. Twelve Years a slave (New York: Penguin Books, 2012). (461)

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Jones, Bryn and Mike O’Donnell. Sixties Radicalism and Social Movement Activism: Retreat or Resurgence?. New York: Anthem Press, 2010. (286)
The ideals of revolution within a context of theory are complex and require a definition within the dialogue, including the answering of necessary questions, such as What makes it a revolution? As Jones and O’Donnell explore in their compilation, Sixties Radicalism and Social Movement Activism: Retreat or Resurgence?, the intricacies of the revolutions of the 1960s are immense but amass to an ultimate questioning of the techniques, methods, and ideals which make them revolutions and not lowly, passing phases. The resurgence phenomenon, as discussed in the introduction, works with the contemplation of the mission of the counter-culture and their journey towards definition outside of the societal mainstream, while still advocating for a safe space within it.195 The socio-political definitions of the above are aspects which help to highlight the criteria and further the work of the two authors in creating their cohesive and intelligent piece. Because a necessary element to comparison between time period is the definition of each one’s primary logistics, the juxtaposition between the 1960’s and modern day revolutions requires the kind of pondering and input which Jones and O’Donnell explore. Ultimately, modern social movements must search for new techniques to create their revolution, but the discourse related to the 1960’s can be seen as similar, and even work to deter the new wave of movements to avoid the faults of their ancestors.196

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