Northup, Solomon. Twelve Years a slave (New York: Penguin Books, 2012). (461)

Etulain, Richard. “Cesar Chavez: Chicano Citizen.” In

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Etulain, Richard. “Cesar Chavez: Chicano Citizen.” In Cesar Chavez: A Brief Biography with Documents (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2002), 1-19 & 46-51. (27)
The story of Cesar Chavez and the progression of workers right throughout California and the United States is one which if more than often overshadowed by the “white-washing” of American history. In Richard Etulain’s piece, “Cesar Chavez: Chicano Citizen”, there is a retelling of Chavez’ work, progression, and lifetime of dedication to the worker’s rights movement. Culminating in separate works written on Chavez, including those of Studs Terkel, Jack King, and Martin Luther King, Jr., one can see that Chavez’ work went, not only towards the rights of farm and agriculture workers, but those of people throughout the United States. It seems silly to acknowledge the progression of these rights as lacking in contribution to the progression of all minority rights, as movements such as Chavez’ were critical to all. As King remarks in a telegram to Chavez’ upon the farmworkers victory over the Teamsters he states that “equality must be fought on many fronts”, as aspect of inclusion that is rarely addressed in consideration of all minority movements. Through the works provided by Etulain, as well as his own, there is nothing lacking in the way of inspirational in regards to Cesar Chavez and his flight for human rights.

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