Northup, Solomon. Twelve Years a slave (New York: Penguin Books, 2012). (461)

Potter, James. “Nature of Qualitative Evidence”. In

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Potter, James. “Nature of Qualitative Evidence”. In An Analysis of Thinking and Research About Qualitative Methods. (New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishing), 83-114. (31)
In Potter’s chapter from An analysis of Thinking and Research About Qualitative Methods, he works to guide his audience through the thought process involved in nearly every qualitative researchers mind. Outlining the concept of qualitative research as well as the concern with “at least three issues: type of evidence, level of evidence, and the use of numerical evidence” Potter has the opportunity of making the seemingly big, bad nature of qualitative research into aspects which are easy to swallow for individuals not necessarily fluent in the concepts.149 First, as Potter explains, there is a need to identify what type of evidence one is working with – this concept goes back to meaning making, an idea discussed earlier in the semester – and is based on contemplation in the following arenas: “researcher construction (the researcher’s personal, subjective position…), subjective valuing (a combination of etic and emic evidence), and contingent accuracy (primarily emic)”.150 Second in this process is identifying the level of evidence, which represents a fairly simple examination in which the researcher must determine whether evidence is on the micro-level, macro-level or midlevel. Finally, is the implementation of numerical data. Overall, Potter does a distinguished job at outline the basis of dealing with qualitative research, but in a way which does not necessarily translate to an audience which would not have a grasp on the foundation of qualitative research. But, on the other hand, if an audience was fluent in the ideas and concepts surrounding qualitative research, Potter would have presented a quality piece.

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