Northup, Solomon. Twelve Years a slave (New York: Penguin Books, 2012). (461)

Ruiz, Ramon Eduardo. “The Legacy.”

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Ruiz, Ramon Eduardo. “The Legacy.” Mexico: Why A Few Are Rich And The People Poor (Berkeley: University of California Press): 36-53. (18)
As with the economy of other countries, Mexico’s economy is highlighted by its diversity, as it seems the entire country is highlighted by the same. Ramon Eduardo Ruiz’ chapter in Mexico: Why A Few Are Rich And The People Poor, does just that and shows the historical roots of the wealth divide in Mexico, as well as the policy and government interaction which continues the spread of this systemic issue. Explaining the creation of the division of wealth as rooted in Colonialist procedure, Ruiz tracks the impact of Catholicism and Roman law on the indigenous economy. With the imposition of Spanish economy, New Spain “relied on exports and purchased abroad what was needed” as Spain forcefully dejected any production of goods which would contend with the production of their own.112 The implementation of this new economy took a toll on the indigenous, as with the creation of haciendas came the further divide between the groups. Because New Spain was “dependent on an agrarian economy” and it was “the hacienda, the rural estate, that controlled New Spain’s development”.113 Ultimately Ruiz does a brilliant job at sorting through Mexico’s economic past and creating enlightening opportunities for the audience to see the creation of the divide of wealth as well as relate it to the impact that these systems have today. As one can see, even today, these “unequal and unjust social system[s] had sundry repercussions…[as] the virtual impossibility to climb the social ladder, and the rampant corruption” is still being dealt with in modern day settings.114

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