Northup, Solomon. Twelve Years a slave (New York: Penguin Books, 2012). (461)

Batalla, Guillermo Bonfil. “The Nation We Have Today,”

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Batalla, Guillermo Bonfil. “The Nation We Have Today,” Mexico Profundo: Reclaiming A Civilization (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1996), 153-162. (10)
The phrase “haves versus have-nots” is not a mystery among the Mexican state, as discussed in regards to many aspects of the culture including politics and the economy. Perhaps this is why, without much surprise, the saying is fitting when discussing the current and on-going crisis in Mexico. Guillermo Bonfil Batalla examines just this conflict in his piece “The Nation We Have Today”. According to Batalla, post-1970’s Mexico remains a crucial time in Mexico’s social history, clasping on to everything from various rebellions and revolutions to the total rebuild of Mexico’s political structure through the PAN. A more interesting point that Batalla brings about is the notion that, though this time period brought about much needed social rehabilitation, many issues that were “sidestepped during the crisis” are becoming prevalent once more.106 Such issues include air pollution and other “aggression[s] against the natural world”, a hard truth which Mexico is not necessarily alone in confronting.107 Ultimately Batalla argues for a world view similar to this, that it is no longer enough to view each country as only its poor, or rich, or middle class and instead “accept… the validity of another civilization and abandon… the arrogant assumption that one’s own…way of understanding is the only certain and true one”.108 Batalla’s work at explaining the deeper, theoretical building blocks to Mexico’s state of crisis while also demonstrating real-world additives which make the crisis continually relevant.

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