Northup, Solomon. Twelve Years a slave (New York: Penguin Books, 2012). (461)

Santoro, Gene. “Steven Hahn Sings the Slaves Triumphant.”

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Santoro, Gene. “Steven Hahn Sings the Slaves Triumphant.” American History (2009): 1-2. (2)
Credit for the emancipation of slavery is generally credited to President Abraham Lincoln, but as Steve Hahn discusses in his interview with Gene Santoro, African American played a much bigger role than history gives them credit. Coining the Civil War as a “Slave Rebellion” Hahn explains that many Northern communities harboring free and escaped slaves acted as “independent sites peopled and governed by runaway slaves that were vital to sustaining black political and military struggles for emancipation”.54 Whether it be based on white dominance in American history, or revolution in evidence, historians are more and more straying from their original thought of white people being the main source for freeing slaves. Instead, it seems, that “the abolitionist movement was mad chiefly of people of African descent”.55 Besides dictating North and South relations in the United States during a post-Civil War United States, Hahn suggests that the dynamics between African Americans, free and enslaved, had a large impact on the Emancipation Proclamation, as individuals often disregard the “provision allowing blacks to enlist”.56 This enactment of freedom to military enrollment opens a door to a conversation which dictates many race, gender and economic relationships today - immigration. As Hahn discusses, many individuals, pointedly Barak Obama, are “the product of the civil rights movement and affirmative action”, all ultimately can be argued as a reality based only upon the actions taken my characters like Lincoln, Douglass, Tubman and other players in the freeing of the slaves.57

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