Northup, Solomon. Twelve Years a slave (New York: Penguin Books, 2012). (461)

Brinkley, Douglas. “The Spark of Rebellion.”

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Brinkley, Douglas. “The Spark of Rebellion.” American Heritage (2010): 33-34. (2)

A rather well-known tale, Brinkley’s piece on the Boston Tea Party briefly details the historical event which helped to form the American culture and even the way which history is viewed. The event was years in the making, with “tensions between the Americans and the British” on the rise.16 Thought to have started three years before the revolution, the first bloodshed and the tipping point in the timeline came when a group of Americans attacked a customhouse in Boston. This would come to be known as the Boston Massacre and would take the lives of five people. Other interactions between the groups would continue eventually ending in a confrontation between colonists and British soldiers. Fueling the fire towards the American Revolution, it is mildly obvious that this work highlights a crucial time in American history. The interesting part of this piece th0ough is not within its own work, but instead within the framework of the other readings in this section, ones revolving around the necessity to tell stories which have not been told and from individuals who have been silenced. Brinkley does a solid job of continuing the efforts of classical America history – by retelling pieces of the story which have been told a thousand times over.

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