North or South: Who Killed Reconstruction?

Note: This document is in the original spelling in which it was written

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Note: This document is in the original spelling in which it was written.

Homesteads - lands to settle and live on

General we want Homesteads; we were promised homesteads by the government; If It does not carry out the promises Its agents made to us, If the government Haveing concluded to befriend Its late enemies and to neglect to observe the principles of common faith between Its self and us Its allies In the war you said was over, now takes away from them all right to the soil they stand upon save such as they can get by again working for your late and thier all time enemies - If the government does so we are left In a more unpleasant condition than our former.

we are at the mercy of those who are combined to prevent us from getting land enough to lay our Fathers bones upon. We Have property In Horses, cattle, carriages, & articles of furniture, but we are landless and Homeless, from the Homes we Have lived In In the past we can only do one of three things Step Into the public road or the sea or remain on them working as In former time and subject to their will as then. We can not resist It In any way without being driven out Homeless upon the road.

You will see this Is not the condition of really freemen.
In behalf of the people
Committee: Henry Bram, Ishmael Moultrie, Yates Sampson

  1. What kind of people wrote this protest letter?

  1. What do the authors of this passage believe they are entitled to? Why?

  1. What do the authors fear will happen if their complaint is ignored?

Document J

29. Where were most of the Black colleges established after the Civil War?
30. How did the establishment of Black colleges change the lives of African Americans?

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