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§ 115-340. Pupils admitted; education. —

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§ 115-340. Pupils admitted; education. — The Board of Directors shall according to such reasonable regulations as it may prescribe, on application, receive into the school for the purposes of education all deaf children resident of the State not of confirmed immoral character, not imbecile or unsound in mind or incapacitated by physical infirmity for useful instruction, who are between the ages of six and 21 years; Provided, that the Board of Directors may admit students under the age of six years when in its judgment, such admission will be for the best interest of the applicant and the facilities of the school permit such admission. Only those who are bona fide citizens and/or residents of North Carolina shall be eligible to and entitled to receive free tuition and maintenance. The Board of Directors may fix charges and prescribe rules whereby nonresident deaf children may be admitted, but in no event shall the admission of nonresidents in any way prevent the attendance of any eligible deaf child, resident of North Carolina. The Board shall provide for the instruction of all pupils in the branches of study now prescribed by law for the public schools of the State and in such other branches as may be of special benefit to the deaf.

"The Board of Directors shall encourage the State to provide the classrooms with modern auditory training equipment, audio visual media equipment, and any other special equipment to provide the best educational conditions for the deaf. The Board of Directors shall provide a teacher training program in the State. The Board of Directors shall provide for a comprehensive vocational and technical training program for boys and girls as may be useful to them in making themselves self-supporting.


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